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Bwog Reviews The Re-Opened Barnard Quad!

After what felt like an eternity, the scaffolding was finally taken down from the perimeters of the Barnard Quad, and access was finally allowed to the center of the Quad. First-Year Barnumbian Joanna Yu reviews the new and improved (?) Barnard Quad.

No more 8 AM drilling outside your window or annoying barricades blocking you from sunbathing in the grass (although you might want to check for ticks afterward). Walking home after a long day of classes, it’s certainly nice to be reminded that the sky exists! 


  • The fountain doesn’t work! Large chunks of stone found in the bowl?
  • Large tour groups with anxious parents asking about SAT scores, and if the rooms come with their own bathrooms (there is not even a guarantee of hot water in all of the showers, haha)
  • Drunk guys at 1 am shouting for someone to come down
  • There is not enough time to enjoy the nice weather in the quad since it’s going to be getting cold pretty soon
  • This change means that someone sitting in the Quad can also see my room! Yikes, I should close the blinds all the way down when I change (!!)


  • Benches! For sitting/studying/relaxing/eating
  • Well-maintained trees and shrubbery
  • Someone from 4th floor Reid throwing a water bottle at aforementioned drunk shouting guys at 1 AM
  • Hey look, I can see my room from here!
  • Maybe the construction will make it safer for me to walk so I won’t be killed by falling masonry!
  • Quaint wooden chairs and tables 


Welcome back, Quad, it’s lovely to see you again! 

Quad via Bwog Archives


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  • alumna says:

    @alumna update with pics plz

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