This weekend at Bwog, we kept it fun by playing games, being spooky, and continuing our Columbia scholarly ways.

Bwog played some games:

  • Killed a demon (while playing Dungeons and Dragons).
  • Spilled poppers all over my laptop while playing Minecraft.
  • Won the insane scavenger hunt another bwogger was judging; had very sore legs the next day.
  • Knitted on the sundial during a scavenger hunt, got beer on the yarn. >:(
  • Played the Oregon Trail card game at Hex and Co with my brothers, got cholera only once.

Bwog kept it spooky:

  • Went out on Halloweekend night #3 wearing a denim jacket, a slightly funky button down, and a pair of jeans — i.e., my normal get-up — because I was sick of dressing up. Told people I was Steve McQueen.
  • Watched a horror movie, panicked, threw up spiked hot chocolate.
  • Went to a Halloween party for my ethnic group downtown and met a very attractive guy there who asked for my #! We kissed! It was a good time! :) debating texting him and asking to hang again…hm.
  • Had a friend give me a bedazzled pair of handcuffs in a pink box left at my door…

Bwog maintained our scholarly ways:

  • Stayed up until 3:30 on Thursday night, woke up at 8:00 on Friday to go to my internship, stayed out until 4:00 on Friday night, felt like I was going to die on Saturday, went out on Saturday night anyway, tragically passed away unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 19 due to complications related to pure exhaustion.
  • Drank tequila alone, in slippers and a scarf and shorts, in my floor lounge at 4 AM while doing some reading for an essay.
  • Nutted over the English course list for next semester.
  • Got a job email, panicked, created an entire resume and website in 1 day.
  • Spent way too fucking long writing an essay.
  • Wrote most of a 3,000 word essay only to realize I knew jack shit about the topic and needed to totally start over.
  • Procrastinated midterms by swiping on Tinder and am consequently talking to a really nice girl now #cuffingseason.
  • Slept for so, so long.
  • Procrastinated on my UW essay and studying for my chem midterm next week

And everything else in between:

  • Showed my out of town friend how we do it at Columbia by going to a party and leaving within 2 minutes!
  • went to my semi-formal and talked about middle school wattpad fanfiction for 30 min in the uber with 4 people I’d just met.
  • Drank pie.
  • Felt very sexy at a gay party downtown.
  • Walked down broadway while listening to the EDM Spotify keeps recommending to me and had multiple people comment on my power and speed!
  • Climbed up a “down” escalator. at the last step, fell flat on my face and got yelled at by a security guard.
  • Participated in a pie baking get together only to have both of the pies not set properly and then be drunk in a red solo cup with copious, hand-whipped cream.

Spooky stuff via Max Pixel