This stuff is no joke.

Happening in the World: A Hong Kong court convicted media tycoon Jimmy Lai and other pro-democracy activists over a 2019 protest for unauthorized assembly. The decision comes amid new election laws passed by the Chinese government limiting the ability of Hong Kong citizens to elect their leaders and landing a blow to the city’s pro-democracy movement. (BBC)

Happening in the US: For the second year in a row, Google has canceled April Fools’ Day. An internal memo sent by high-ups on the corporate ladder explained that it will continue its “pause” of April Fools’ Day pranks in 2021 due to the challenges of the pandemic facing much of the world today. Google confirmed that the message is genuine and, no, not a prank. (Business Insider)

Happening in NYC: Prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg’s personal bank records to investigate Donald Trump and his company. In the probe, the prosecutors are questioning gifts that Weisselberg and his family received from the former president. (NYT)

Happening in Our Community: Join Camp Millie in the making of paper cranes and a community mural project! Stop by the BHA Table on Futter Field tomorrow between 3 and 6 pm for crafts and more fun!

Cover Song of the Week: “Sweet Jane” by Cowboy Junkies (originally by the Velvet Underground)

skyline via Wikimedia Commons