Housing selection’s back, baby. And Bwog’s here to update you all the way through.

It’s officially every junior’s favorite (and every first-year’s most stressful) time of the year: housing selection! Starting today and ending April 14, Columbia students across Morningside Heights will switch from tab to tab—CUFO one minute, Columbia Housing’s website the next, and of course, at the end of the day, Bwog’s very own Housing Coverage.  

Today, Columbia’s luckiest rising seniors made their choices—and pretty expected ones at that. EC suites went quickly, as well as a good amount of River corridor singles. However, rooms are still available in every building and for every suite size, so don’t get too worried. Yet.

What’s gone:

  • All studio singles (duh)
  • Woodbridge 2-bedroom 2-person suites

What’s scarce:

  • One non-RA EC 2-person suite
  • Six Watt 2-bedroom 2-person suites
  • Four Hogan 5-person suites
  • The studio triple in 627 W 115th

What’s still remaining:

  • Almost everything! To name a few:
    • 69 Woodbridge 1-bedroom 2-person suites
    • 43 EC 5-person suites
    • 22 EC 6-person suites
    • 10 Claremont 7-person suites
    • 13 Ruggles 8-person suites
    • 41 River corridor singles
    • Almost every corridor double. Lol.

Looking ahead: I won’t lie. I picked today, and got the room of my dreams. For everyone who wasn’t as lucky, though, there’s still plenty of great choices! If you’re picking in the next day or two, the odds look good, whether you’re hoping for a single, a studio, or a suite. After that? Only time will tell.

As a reminder, our housing reviews can be found here, and the all-knowing Columbia live counter for selection can be found here with a UNI login.

Roaree, assumedly excited for 2023 housing selection, via Wikimedia Commons