No, They’re Not the Red Guard

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Curious about the flock of kids gathered on Low Steps right now? Bwog inquired: it’s a group of seventh graders from Houston, TX touring the East Coast. They hit Philadelphia on the way here, and then will make their way up to Boston.

Be nice! Welcome our Southern brethren!

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  1. i'm from houston!  

    did they say what school/organization they're with?

  2. so confused...  

    I saw them sitting there in red, and then came by about an hour later, thinking there was a different group of kids there. They're all wearing gray now.

  3. why  

    aren't there more interesting things to see in new york?

  4. look  

    it's red america! and they came with uniforms so we could identify them. how sweet.

  5. Dave  

    How long does it take to delete a comment like 5?

  6. moph  

    (when it was deleted, the comments were renumbered.)

  7. Bwog Editor  

    If there is a post or a comment you are concerned about, please email We try to monitor the comment boards closely, but also need our readers' help.

  8. actually,  

    it's not the first time bwog's censored comments.

  9. but  

    this one was particularly bad

  10. well

    can you allude to it academically and clinically without actually saying it? inquiring minds want to know.

  11. basically  

    the post said in (much) more uncouth terms that they looked like a bunch of dark-skinned country bumpkins

  12. umm...  

    in the south, everybody's brethren.

  13. re: umm  

    we were objecting to the perjorative use of the word n******.


  14. re:re:umm...  

    if you're gonna use big words, learn to spell them. one 'r'. one. and i don't see why you would have objections to it. i see my homies calling each other n(star)(star)(star)(star) every day. sounds like you're saying i'm racist just because i'm white.

  15. moph  

    i think the word's racist when used the way it was used. i don't have an opinion on you.

    you're right about the misspelling, though.

  16. do you think  

    that maybe institutionalized racism, the history of slavery and lynching, and the ongoing discrimination that nonwhite people encounter on an every day basis make "cracker" and "honky" not QUITE the equivalent of the N-word?

  17. heh

    I just dont know why people even *consider* that Columbia students need racial sensivity training.

  18. no  

    wow i never thought about it that way. but now that you told me so on i'm going to change my ways completely and become a huge supporter of black rights. yeah right.

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