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Professor Molly Murray, in an email to her Lit Hum section about an upcoming end of-the-year movie watching party:

“Then, (since, in the immortal words of Jay-Z, after the party,
there’s the after-party): 8PM. V & T’s pizza, 110th and Amsterdam.”

Overheard outside Uris:

Girl 1: I’m not like…a fun person. I’m not a fun person and I don’t, like, have fun.
Girl 2: No! You are like, SO fun!

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  1. I know who you are!  

    Sara Vogel!

  2. Ignition  

    Clearly those were the immortal words of R. Kelly!

  3. no numbnuts  

    "Ignition" came out way after R's "Fiesta" remix, which was when Jay first said the oft-misquoted "After the show it's the after-party."

  4. after the party....'s the waffle house. if you've evern been here you know what we talking about.

  5. Of course  

    Everyone knows that Molly Murray is the shit.

  6. Oh god  

    Bored at Butler is down, and you're not updating. I'm going into withdrawals already.

  7. moph  

    "obscure faggy colors" = blue, red, green.

    damn homo-sexyuals, monopolizing the spectrum.

    (sarcasm! mockery! condescension! and a little bit of self-righteousness!)

  8. skeezy

    yo jay can u believe this motherfunking troy perking has a book out about how he set emory and bigty upthats some cold blooded shitfree emory/bigty man roc-a-fella yall

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