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As of the time of this post, Columbia’s band of guerilla videographers has garnered 83,641 views of its prank on Columbia’s studious studentry over at YouTube, launching it to 65th place on the site’s weekly ratings. Pretty good for a piece with no poorly drawn cartoon characters speaking in Japanese!

Bwog would submit, however, that this one–with only 6,426 views–is the funniest of what Prangstgrüp has to offer.

Update: The internet has a way of making things availible. Ivygate, a myopic but well-written new blog, has unearthed Prangstgrup’s NYU Tour episode, as requested.

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  1. Um...

    Wouldn't it have been easier to type the ü than to write out the clause about it?

  2. youprangst

    10:20: Viewership has reached 111,899, and some dude with a handlebar mustached had the gumption to make a video response.

  3. J Train  

    It's because the link was posted at

    Thousands of British people have been watching...

  4. actually

    if anyone can find the one where they hijack an NYU tour for prospective students, it's awesome. they each play out stereotypes- wanna be filmmaker (who films the prank), uptight overavhiever student girl, etc. i think they had to pull it off the site because of complaints from NYU but it was still on the server...

  5. don't forget

    library musical. or subway lectures, one of the greatest ideas ever. but NYU tour was definitely the best.

  6. columbia hosted ELF?

    no not that elf

    apparently we hosted the championship for some obscure sport for 'men' under 160lbs (including robert kraft) the 4th item

    this might be the reason some columbia girls have complained that there aren't many manly men around anymore

  7. yes!

    subway lectures was a great movie too.

  8. please

    anyone have the nyu tour link?

  9. T F  

    The tour guide from NYU went to my high school! That is the *best* video.

  10. log-in?  

    What's the log-in? I really want to see it!

  11. uhh

    just click on the link in #11. I didn't need a log-in.

  12. it seems

    that you need a password, now.

  13. uhhh

    why dont u guys just click the 'ivygate' in the post?

  14. were

    all of prangstrup ugly?

  15. WOAH  

    The dopest one was Library musical, not the one linked above

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