University presidents–They’re just like us!

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They go fish shopping!

According to an anonymous tipster, a CC student ran into President Bollinger summering in Cape Cod, but didn’t recognize him until PrezBo had fled the scene. Saddened, she posted this Craigslist missed connection:

Grey-haired First Amendment scholar at the fish store – w4m – 20
Reply to:
Date: 2006-08-14, 11:55PM EDT

You: Mature yet bright-eyed with the smell of Ivy League about you. Maybe a president? You bought fresh tuna.
Me: Undergrad standing behind you in line at the fish store on the wharf.

Let’s get coffee and talk about creating a healthy learning environment for students of all backgrounds and the costs of gentrification?

* this is in or around Nantucket
* no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Have a PrezBo sighting of your own? Inquiring minds want to know! Send them in to (stalker photos are a plus).

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  1. I saw

    PrezBo walking out of DV8 the other day.

  2. dear bwog

    I love you, but take it from a massachusetts native, cape cod and nantucket are different places.

  3. i mean

    it'd be funny if only it was.

  4. Seth Low

    Bollinger is nothing short of a communist

  5. Nicky Butler

    I once knew a man from Nantucket.

  6. how expected

    I love how some CC student who is summering in Cape Cod feels the need to discuss the costs of gentrification. I hope after graduation she plans on returning to her blissful existence in New England instead of moving into a cheap apartment in Manhattan and contributing to those very costs of gentrification.

  7. it's no joke

    It's a disease.

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