QuickSpec — Name Last Night’s Incident Edition

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  1. alma  

    i claim credit for spreading that first headline. i wish i came up with it myself.

  2. Anonymous  

    Bwog, you ought to be given an award for your coverage of the Minutemen protest last night/this morning.

    Bravo, Bwog. Bravo.

  3. they already are  

    i imagine they've got at least half a dozen trackbacks already and you've got to figure this is the first story that gets them really noticed on the political blogosphere

  4. lost in all the  

    controversies is that a really good guy who happened to be a barnard employee was murdered. rip :(

  5. i don't think  

    barnard is responding in "full force" to this murder. i'm a barnard student, and this is the first i've heard of it at all.

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