Stalking—It’s Never Been Easier!

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All Columbia staff received an email yesterday alerting them to changes in the online directory; evidently, changes are not limited to the new antifreeze-blue “search” button. The email, sent out by Lisa Hogarty, Executive Vice President of Student and Administrative Services, indicates that the online directory will now have “an improved search engine,” “a comprehensive browse function,” and “more continual updates to directory data.”

Additionally, there will no longer be a printed Faculty and Staff Directory, though if you have a hankering to kill a few trees, you can place an order for a directory through Print Services. (Bwog wasn’t aware that such a document existed in the first place).

If you’ll excuse us, we’re off to pull an Ashley Cross and remove our personal information from the Columbia website – though it should be said that our mailing addresses, full names, and dorm numbers really do look great in the new interface.

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  1. actually  

    the search no longer shows our addresses (with room numbers), so stalking actually got a lot harder.

  2. click  

    click on the person's name after you search - there is a link to an expanded profile with address.

    • I don't get it  

      "If you'll excuse us, we're off to pull an Ashley Cross and remove our personal information from the Columbia website"

      but nothing changed? what would spur you to remove your information now? the same information is accessible now as it was before (just in a different format).

  3. how  

    do we get our dorms rooms, etc. off there?

  4. moph

    just click on the names

  5. moph?  

    sorry, i suppose you interpreted what i meant wrong. how do i get MY PERSONAL INFO OFF OF THE WEBSITE, AS IN, I DONT WANT IT TO BE THERE.


  6. Cam  

    Request to Withhold Directory Info form

    "IMPORTANT: This form cannot be submitted electronically. Please type in the required information, print, sign and mail to the appropriate address."

    What in hell? Everything else at Columbia is electronic, but a five-line form has to be mailed in? Weak.

  7. moph  

    sorry--to block your personal information, fill out the form on the registrar website.

    it can't be submitted online for a dumb reason. the registrar's site is on a server that doesn't support secure email forms. people often put their social security number in the CUID field, so non-secure forms aren't an option.

  8. moph  

    my understanding is that WIND authentication governs the exchange between browser and server, not server and wherever it is the information ends up. that said, of course SSOL and Courseworks are secure, so it's clearly possible.

    hopefully the University will get away from using SSN anywhere; then moving that form online is trivial.

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