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With that Tourettically over with, a quick self-absorbed indulgence.

The Bwog started as a mere twinkle in the eye of the staff of The Blue and White. Editors had been kicking around the idea of as website for awhile, but opinions on how we should present its content and tenor varied. When the Bwog finally launched in February 2006, we had QuickSpec, “free food,” lots of random photos and bits of gossip, and a staff dedicated to making the Bwog as silly and witty as possible. Since then, editors have come and gone, layout styles have come and gone and come back, and we’ve gotten a little more serious and news-ical. Our readers and commenters have swelled in number and snark, showing us up constantly with their witty

vitriol. So- reader, thou philobwoger- thanks for “reading more,” and we’ll see you tonight.


Hits per day: A lot

Comments: 17,871

Posts: 3,111 (including events and issue articles–hey, it’s the only way to count)

Images: 2,636

Unique tags: 1,184

Registered commenters: 203

“Free food” tags: 69

“Romance” tags: 35

“Meta” tags: 30

Major fuckups: Several

Daily editors, past and present: 14 or so

Gothamist shout-outs: 24

Gawker links: 8 (we thought it was more, too)

Layout overhauls: 1…and one reversal

Gmail addresses with the word “Bwog”: bwogfan, bwogette, and bwogsex

Number of times mentioned in the Spectator: 8

Number of times we’ve mentioned Spectator (including Quickspec): 124

Number of facebook profiles with Bwog in them: 20

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  1. eeeee  

    i really, really, really love bwog.

  2. are you  

    sure that you have over 3000 posts? i find this hard to believe. that is 8 posts a day for the last year. i think days of 8 posts are rare and you guys were pretty dormant over the summer and breaks. might want to check that statistic again.

    i like the stats though. maybe they were supposed to me made up and i missed the humor.

  3. wait a sec  

    Is there something going on at the West End tonight?

  4. jbw  

    varsity show preview, 9pm and 11pm

  5. rainman  

    charlie babit made a joke. yea.

  6. black eyed pea

    I like bwog. Much respect for the blogosphere-beating birhtday.

    Maybe spec owes you a few more mentions, though 8 is pretty good given their coverage. keep up the free food reminders.

  7. Hooray

    Don't forget the number of folks in the Bwog facebook group - 109!

    Happy Birthday Bwog - you're well on your way to the terrible twos. Now if you could only get your RSS feed to work right. Oh well, I guess you've got to crawl before you walk, eh?

  8. daniella  

    you guys should put technorati stats on here, too...

  9. that party

    blew. get it? blew and white!

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