The Great Jester Heist

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is not happy. All of Jester‘s remaining new issues–at least 700 of them–have disappeared from the Student Government Office, where they were waiting patiently for distribution on Monday. If anyone has seen Jester‘s issues, please let them know, and if you yourself are the culprit, well then shame on you. 

What are you going to do with them anyway? 

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  1. Oh snap  

    Jester got owned?

  2. alex  

    CUSJ had nothing to do with this. but its good those fuckers got pwned

  3. it was  


    - CUSJ

    (CSR owns!)

  4. can someone  

    explain why CUSJ and Jester are feuding?

  5. Matt S.  

    I took them! I was feeling down, and wanted to prove to the world how great I am. Matt Schoenfeld strikes again!

  6. Facilities  

    You guys should check with Facilities to make sure they weren't taken by maintenance people. There have been several recent mishaps where cleaners got a bit confused about what was supposed to be where and then threw things away...think hard copies of ABC allocations and other important stuff.

    • alex w

      We did check with maintenance and they haven't seen or heard of anything. Also all the other boxes of magazines around the area were untouched.

      Thanks though, please let us know if you have any leads.

  7. catz

    im in ur office, stealin ur slightly funny issuez

  8. 50 lbs of comedy  

    well, the basic reason is that CUSJ needs to get laid. also, the rivalry dates back to when albert einstein published an article making fun of the ether in the jester and made up some bullshit about everything being relative and the speed of light being fixed... CUSJ still hasn't gotten the joke. long live the ether.

  9. this  

    cusj/jester rival playing out on the pages of bwog is hilarious and great. long live the jester.

  10. Insulation

    Cheap insulation, mulch, discount toilet paper--or perhaps it's a publicity stunt.

  11. Jester\'s

    the only campus publication that has actually made me laugh. Good luck guys.

  12. how

    even the assholes on Bwog shouldn't pleased that someone's shit got stolen. At lease its funnier than the fed.

  13. mlp  

    This makes me sad. Even if you don't like Jester (I do), those copies represent an enormous amount on money and work, and it seriously sucks that they've gone missing. Good luck guys, I hope you find them soon!

  14. condolences  

    that sucks, jester. I add my sympathy and hope whoever took them returns them soon.

  15. this sucks  

    jester is infinitely funnier than that poor excuse for toilet paper, the Fed.

  16. i am me  

    i'll tell you what's a poor excuse for toilet paper here... the toilet paper. one ply?

  17. eavesdropper  

    I just heard that CUSJ is planning something for tomorrow.

  18. CUSJ  

    haha fuckers! now we showed you that string theory, so far scientifically unproveable, is our best course of action towards resolving the incompatibility between the standard model and quantum mechanics!

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