QuickSpec: La Plus Ca Change…Edition

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  1. No vitriol?  

    It's noon already, and still no hate? I'm disappointed, guys.

  2. I meant  

    from the commenters.

  3. this says it all?  

    "Copy editors are no longer faceless drones, but rather, for better or worse, are responsible final-reads of every article that Spec publishes."

    Way to go, guys. Good job.

  4. ugh  

    so genghis finally wrote an article.

  5. grad

    "Though there are still countless errors that make it into the paper daily, many things have improved since 2003."

    What a ridiculous sentence, on so many levels.

  6. esc  

    make engineering advising separate!

  7. btwn the lines

    ok let's read between the lines.

    "One Adviser Throughout"- You know, maybe I wouldn't have cared about having 5 different advisers between FYSUCK and JSUCK if more than 1 had been more than merely competent. This is a good first step CU, now let's start firing everyone and replacing them with competent versions of themselves. We can start with about 2/3 of Student Affairs itself...

    "One Physical Center" - Less space for students in Lerner. The Councils are lobbying for the only free space open for expansion on campus that's convenient to students to be used for more administrators? This only reinforces my belief that Student Council:Columbia Administration::Vichy France:Nazu Germany.

    Seriously guys. You think they're going to make it up to you by converting FYSUCK and JSUCK's 3 current locations into student spaces? No, they'll just get used by a different administrative office that mysteriously forms while we're not looking. (Thanks for OMA you idiots! And then you wonder why you can't find rooms to reserve in Lerner?!?)


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