Post readers must really hate us

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hhhThe New York Post, which was trolling around facebook and e-mail aliases for sources yesterday, fingered the assistant Comp Lit professor whom students accused of giving away answers, in characteristically rabid fashion. 

Spectator confirmed and has an interesting story to go with it. 

The Daily News gave it two inches.  

Ivygate thought it was all hilarious and ennobled a few good comments.

The New York Sun talked about other schools’ problems.

Oh, Rupert Murdoch…

P.S. If you’re in a petition-signing mood, there’s a facebook group!

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  1. Woah.  

    This is turning into a pretty serious scandal, it probably demands Quigley's resignation.

  2. balderdash  

    Just in case you were being serious, that's ridiculous.

  3. sick burn  

    Jimmy "Two Inches" Vielkind got pwned.

  4. oooh !  

    resignations are fun!

    Spec confirmed the instructor's name--I noticed you deleted those posts earlier.

  5. WTF?  

    Wen Jin?! Who the hell is that?

  6. discuss  

    Is J. N. from the Post article a huge snitch? Or doing her part for responsible journalism?
    I'm halfway of the opinion that no one from Columbia should ever discuss any problem here with anyone from the Post, but I await opinions from Bwog commenters.

  7. stop sitchin'!  

    Jessica Nevitt and Susanna Wolf are BOTH snitches.

    CC2010- ostracize them. They should receive like a 3 month (not including summer) ban from all social benefits of being a 2010er. They want fake IDs? Don't sell to them. They want in to your party? Send 'em home. They want free food at your student group event? Sorry, no snitches.

  8. also  

    "That sucks bigtime," Lakshika Trikha, CC '10, said of the decision to toss the exam results. "No one I know knew about it [the review sheets] before the exam."

    Congrats, a 2010er who is NOT a snitch.

    Meir Stampfer on the other hand is a royal snitch douschebag.

  9. thank you jimmy  

    for not letting the daily news take this stupid thing and blow it up into some big fake controversy

    it's also gross that the post considers themselves a legitimate news source

  10. taking bets  

    every post before 8:30 am was done by an administrator at columbia

  11. the post  

    does not care about real journalism. It's main purpose is hacking stories to death with misquotes and over emphatic language. The TA messed up once and now her name is in the post--that should be punishment enough and 2010, you should never talk to any "media outlet" during an ongoing investigation, this might force the University's hand. Nice one

    • the person  

      who gave out the answers isn't a t ta. she is a tenure track professor in the english department. young, yes, but a ta or grad student, no.

    • oh please  

      like you wouldn't have naively done that as a freshman too. give 2010 a break - clearly in the whole class there will be a few people who didn't figure it out. hopefully, they'll learn.

  12. well  

    "Rather, the final included a passage from Part IV, Chapter I, when Arkady Ivanovitch Svidrigailov ponders whether eternity is like being locked in a room filled with spiders."

    For some reason I like that that got into the NY Post.

  13. agreed  

    They were probably just trying to show-off their spelling skills.

  14. did anyone else  

    get this facebook message?


    My name is Leela de Kretser and I am a reporter at the New York Post. I am writing a story about the LitHum exam, where apparently a professor leaked the final beforehand.

    Can you please call me on 212 *** ****?


    Leela de Kretser
    New York Post
    212 *** ****

    • post  

      her full number. I'd love to give her the real dirt on Columbia, when I can find some time in between all this cheating, wild sex, and suppression of free speech.

  15. if...  

    If Murdoch gets his hands on the WSJ then we can probably expect anti-Columbia stories there too...

  16. Wanna know

    Wanna know what a GSer does after they graduate?

  17. asdf  

    another banner year for columbia p.r.

  18. what the

    using people's full names in comments isn't cool...

    • maybe not  

      but when they give their full names and a bunch of other gossip to The New York Post and it gets published, I'd say it's all fair game.

      p.s. SNITCHES!!!

  19. Sprinkles  

    Let's just review one thing here...

    Hell, don't even talk to the Daily News if you value your integrity (no offense to Jimmy, he's cool).

    Now back to your regularly-scheduled bickering on teh int3rcub3.

  20. all GSers are  

    just like this one... except for some of them who aren't

  21. all GSers  

    are stupid.

  22. .........

    it's on fox news now!

  23. anonymous  

    snitch or not, jessica nevitt is one hot bitch...

  24. anonymous

    jessica nevitt is amazing ... and all ya'll should shut it

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