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tvColumbia students who stayed tuned after American Idol tonight were rewarded by this Fox 5 news teaser: “The cheating scandal at Columbia – the teacher at the center of the

storm, and the tough choice students are being forced to make.” The Fox News affiliate ran a brief story, with both the usual (stock footage of college walk, picture of Wen Jin) and with the somewhat more interesting. One freshman engaged the reporter in this exchange:

STUDENT: “I think, because it’s Columbia, people like to sensationalize the whole thing.”

REPORTER: “So you’re blaming it on us…”

STUDENT: [laughs] “Yeah, you guys.”

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  1. video!  

    now bwog! now!


  2. Erf  

    Eloquently said, anonymous student. It really had to be said.

  3. whoa  

    this is unrelated, but three girls just semi-streaked through Butler 209. They were wearing their blue graduation gowns, and they pulled up their gowns as they ran. I didn't get a good view (as I glanced up just as they passed), but they seemed pretty attractive. And definitely pretty bold.

  4. I said one  

    percent. Just to hurt his story of "oh my god everyone at columbia cheated".

  5. the reason why  

    no one saw this segment...


  6. Guys  

    Fox 5 News != Fox News

    The local news is remarkably sane and independent.

  7. depressed  

    i am a virgin because i am fat

  8. ashamed  

    students really need to stop doing stupid things that will lower the integrity of this school

  9. Anon.  

    Just to let people know now, I heard from a friend that a GS student was jumped in Riverside Park at 7.30 while running at around 108th Street. He was attacked by 4 or 5 black males and beaten up pretty badly until they realized he wasn't carrying money. Be safe.

  10. hmmmm

    Something always seems to happen at Columbia during finals week. Last year that guys went missing; this year all this lit hum business. Networks like Fox LIVE for this kind of of stuff. It's true though, dozens of other colleges in the area are hardly ever on the news! Maybe it has something to do with our pretty campus-- they LOVE showing glamour shots of college walk.

  11. Anon  

    More info on the attack. The victim was Vietnamese. He was running in Riverside park on the dirt path. One of the assailants asked for the time. He looked down to his watch and was then hit form behind in the head. He fell to the ground and then was kicked and beat up. He is in the hospital now.

  12. I wonder  

    I wonder if this would have been as big a media deal as it is if Columbia hadn't issued a press release

  13. accountability  

    all media stations, regardless of partisanship or biases, are going to hammer the administration for its complete acquittal of students who knowledgeably utilized an illicit aid

    • really?!?  

      I don't know how it is ilicit aid if the prof gave it to them. Teachers always give hints at what to study she just went too far. I mean if my math teacher told me to study l'Hospital's rule I would make sure I knew it and there is no way thats cheating.

      • i think  

        the issue here is that it was a standardized exam. If a CC professor wanted to, word for word, give the answers to his or her Final Exam that's their business, since CC exams are not standardized.

      • McFister

        Because the identifications aren't supposed to be a memory test, they are supposed to be an inductive reasoning test.

      • accountability  

        come now, of course you do know. administration from a professor in itself, by no means eliminates illicitness or justifies deliberate wrongdoing. students have a level of autonomy, intelligence, and by god, integrity, by which they are able to note when even a professor is out of bounds. there is a clearly discernible threshold, applicable in this instance, where routine, even if liberal, guidance, transfers to clearly unacceptable answer giving. i would hardly say a complete, nearly verbatim outline is on par with suggesting focus of l’Hospital’s rule. more appropriate would be an analogy of a professor providing each exact problem, with exact number values, for which l’Hospital’s rule was to be applied. indeed, this professor guilty did “go too far,” but sadly, the irresponsible students did not go far enough, and apparently had no inclination to do so.

  14. where  

    are you getting this info on the attack from? if he okay? were the assailants caught? if it's a website please post it

  15. Columbia Report  

    The story of the attack has been posted on:

  16. Columbia Report  

    This was an easy way to get the story across. This story came from a good friend of the victim. He went to the hospital to visit him and recounted the story. A policeman was at the hospital asking about the attack.

  17. Columbia Report  

    We are getting as much information from the friend who visited the victim. We are posting updates (since we believe it is safer to release the news right now to protect the student community).

  18. wow  

    that is really horrible, please convey my sympathies


    god bless you for blaming the media.

  20. what is  

    columbia report? this is the only post it appears to have? was it just created today or something? who runs it? im confused?

  21. do me a favor  

    stop having the same debate over and over again. i need something new to read, and i'm tired of seeing the same points repeated ad nauseum.

  22. new question  

    Why was the C&P passage changed? According to the video, it sounds like the professors suspected cheating after they found study guides. So why didn't they simply change all the IDs?

  23. Uhh  

    What press release? there's nothing on the home page.

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