Senior Wisdom: Eman Bataineh

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This is the 12th and almost-final installment in our senior wisdom series…bringing you all the awesome ’07ers you should have met by now.  


Claims to fame:

SGA president, Turath president, Vision Program fellow (a.k.a. I doubted the value of life, hated the world, and ate lots of burek/börek for four weeks in the Balkans). Ooh, and my hunter green scarf.

Preferred swim test stroke?

No swim test for me. Preferred in-water activity in general: volleyball or just floating on my back and seeing where the water takes me, that is until I start to freak out that I have no clue where I’m going.  


What are three things you learned at Columbia?

1. Sleep is necessary, yet somehow that truth eludes us on a daily basis.

2. Most people learned this somewhere else or maybe not, but anyway, good friends are amazing and they can brighten up anything, including a week-long stretch in Butler as you finish (start?) writing your thesis. There’s also something really great in that moment you realize that you and your friend just crossed over into “really-good-friend” territory and you know that in ten years he/she will still be sending you links to humor columns in the New Yorker and scenes from Sesame Street. Again, most people got that one earlier in life, but that’s okay. Senior year is better than never.

3. Everything is socially constructed.

Justify your existence in 30 words or less.

Trying to change the world very, very slowly.  


What was your favorite controversy in your time at Columbia?

Pish. Controversies. Blah. Giant Rat at gates = wonderfulness. Protests are generally good. Protesting against the Fed cartoon, University policy, war in Iraq, no benefits for T.A.’s is definitely good.  


Which professor do you think would be the best kisser?

Any professor who can play an instrument or sing. Musicians are hot, and I’m guessing they make good kissers. 

What percentage of seniors do you think are virgins?



Would you rather permanently give up oral sex or cheese?

I’m slightly lactose-intolerant and generally not a huge fan of cheese, so cheese.  


Days on campus memory?

The Magnolia tree on Lehman Lawn was in full bloom, and it looked like a giant cloud of pink. It was absolutely stunning, and I loved it.  



Not sleeping enough. Not going to Orgo Night. Not learning to ballroom dance. All in all, it’s been a good four years, and the nostalgia is definitely kicking in.


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  1. good job  

    this really is a senior i never got to know, and her answers made me wish i had. good job on this one, bwog!

  2. so true  

    Number two in the things learned is the best answer ever. I wish I knew this girl.

  3. Bataineh fan  

    I love Eman! Thanks Bwog :)

  4. Comment Abuser  

    How long does it take to write a senior thesis?

    I'm the sort of person who writes my paper in 2 to 4 hours (depending on whether it's 5 pages or 10 pages).

    Come senior year, am I really going to have to spend a week in Butler?

    • Keith  

      What is your major? I did history so I can talk about that

      To do it well? A few weeks. If you just wanna get it done. 40 hrs of writing, plus whatever with research. The crappy part about actually writing a senior thesis is that all the small things you get away with in normal papers, you can't with a thesis (depending of course on your major). Like terminology has to be sound, your writing style has to be vetted usually. It is a process and not just a quick all nighter.

  5. don't know her

    really, i promise. i am not just her friend who thinks she is awesome. i just stumbled upon this article. anyway, eman is soooo neat! you should regret never having met her! luckily, she is not dead, only moving to arabia.

  6. so very true  

    The answer about friends is so right on. Right on, Eman.

  7. re: thesis  

    the thing about theses is you tend to care about how good a job you do, so you spend proportionately more time figuring out what to say and how to say it.

    also: difficult of writing a paper increases w/ page count more than linearly.

    most class papers took me an hour per page, including research (until Jim Shapiro cut my writing speed in half with his comments). Thesis, over the course of the year, took maybe two or three times that. and 3 times 30 is 90 or so hours?

  8. Anonymous  

    Aww I love this picture of you!
    have fun in Arabia ;)

  9. Eman  

    was the shittiest Turath prez ever. every even they did her year was a cosponsor of a lionpac event. they did not have their own programming, at all. of course, that's what happens when she dates the lionpac vice prez.

  10. eman  

    is the bestest! i love her!

  11. some very  

    wise responses here from eman. i guess that's why this comment thread is so short...people on bwog only like to bash. (and no, i don't know her personally.)

  12. #15 again  

    although i do think she's wrong about social construction

  13. Vanessa

    nicely done eman. you've done us (yes, the multiple 'us' we represent) proud. i'm saving to visit in dubai!

  14. actually  

    this is the 11th installment of senior wisdom.. or the 11th is not posted at the moment.

  15. Eman  

    Eman is lame... Seriously - Carlolyn Cavaness, now there was an SGA president!

  16. Anonymous  

    this installment. thanks, bwog.

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