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In an effort to control the vitriol in the comments section, we’re adding another mechanism to keep an eye on anonymous commenters. From now on, if a comment was posted from a campus computer, you’ll see the
(from campus) icon. We’re hoping this will help cut down on abuse without unnecessarily impinging anyone’s privacy.

Naturally, we’re still looking for feedback on the comment system, in the threads or by emailing — and as always, you can find our full comment policy here.

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Bwog Staff

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  1. is that

    the christian version of the crown or the secular version?

    • ZvS

      Christian, as on the front of the University homepage. Although when the cross is 2 pixels tall, it can be tough to tell.

      • damn

        you zvs. i was going to make a long and vitriolic post about how you are taking the christ out of columbia, and then you go to tell me that the crown is not capped with spades but instead with three crosses (in reference to the two thieves who were crucified along with the Lord on golgatha.)

        blast you zvs. what now will i bitch about?

  2. hmm  

    i bet this doesn't work.

  3. skeptical

    How is this supposed to cut down on the vitriol? Now, some people (like myself) will simply be accused of lacking a Columbia affiliation, just because we don't live on campus.

  4. also skeptical

    Love you, Bwog, really I do, but I don't understand what this is supposed to do. There are some Columbia students who live-off campus, who visit their parents on the weekend, who went home for vacation and drag their heels coming back for the start of classes (like me), who are abroad for the semester, or who travel to some of the coffeeshops near campus that have free WiFi. And don't forget the tons of alums, both recent and less so. If anyone in one of these categories makes an unpopular but well-reasoned post about the controversial topic du jour (such as whatever the spring version of the hunger strike will be), it will be dismissed as not coming from a true Columbian. And don't forget there are still a few computers around that can be accessed without needing a CU ID (Lewisohn, Mudd, Schermerhorn), so any old bozo off the street can post here and get the little crown logo whether they're a CU affiliate or not.
    Do you really think the most vitriolic comments are coming from non-affiliates? I don't need a little crown icon to tell me that the douchiest comments come from my fellow students.

  5. spelt out for you  

    since the minutemen protests, there have been right wing trollers on this blog making some pretty irresponsible comments. that is what this is for.

  6. #10 is right  

    I agree with #10 completely, but I have to say, I kind of like the way the little crowns look. Can we just have them next to all comments, please?

  7. proof

    I'm on campus right now and thanks to the magic of proxies I don't have a crown next to my name. Suck it, bwog.

  8. testing  

    this is kinda ridic

  9. testing  

    to see if Barnard counts.

  10. crown party  

    testing... as if it wasn't established by commenters 2, 3, 8, 9, 12, 17, 19, and 20.

    lets all post test comments because crowns are cool. (does this count as school spirit?)

  11. dumb  

    this is dumb. i am filled to the brim with vitriol for bwog's inefficient vitriol-blocking mechanisms. dumb dumb dumb, grrrrr.

    ps. testing

  12. anonymous

    To hell with the naysayers - thank you Bwog!

    Now the crown will tell me which dipshits on here can't afford to move out of the dorms.

  13. John Jay  

    Does dorm ethernet count?

  14. ahem  


  15. if...

    if a post comes from Barnard, can the symbol be the Barnard Brown Bear...or Insecurity?

  16. what neighborhood  

    in brooklyn houses the most off-campus Columbia students?

    Crown Heights!

  17. !!!  

    I demand a SEAS crown for SEAS students. If you can't figure how to do this impossible task, then ask a Fu-sie to do it for you.

    Hammers are awesome.

  18. barnard dorms  

    do they work? let's find out.

  19. you counted them  

    The crowns are really cute, that's why I chose Columbia as my top school. Also, because I look smashingly good in baby blue.

  20. does this count  

    as a campus computer if it's on a network?

  21. hmmmm

    let's see if this works

  22. hmm  

    does this work now im in the library

  23. testing again  

    testing crown does it work?

  24. this  

    is nifty, if you're into that sort of thing.

  25. Albert

    Cool and all, but doesn't this conflict with the Columbia administrative policy for using the crown? Bored at Butler ran into this problem and was forced to remove it. Unless Bwog is an official campus publication, I don't see how it can use the crown.

    Of course, Bwog/BW does have a email account.

  26. poopiemcfartnugget  

    horrible idea, almost as brilliant as breaking the entire comment system on the spectator website

  27. hiiii  

    i think they still need to impose further reform on the comment policy

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