SSStrange Markings Behind Earl

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It’s that time of year again when many of ’09’s student leaders, activist types, overachievers, and masthead ascenders will be tapped and asked to join a senior society. A tipster sends evidence in the form of a photo of the sidewalk in back of Earl Hall: Three S’s, the (dark?) mark of one of Columbia’s two (secret?) senior societies, the Sachems.

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  1. odd  

    that college democrats have their elections in Earl and suddenly dark marks of secret societies appear there. Just saying.

  2. heh heh heh  

    heh heh heh.

  3. more  

    bwog tell us more about these secret societies!!!

  4. 09 Abroad

    Can juniors be digitally tapped if they are abroad?

  5. wow  

    are they really dumb enough to do that?

  6. Holden Caulfield

    I wish a Barnard girl would tap me to join her secret society.

  7. Senior?

    09? Not 08? Oh well, guess I'm not popular.

  8. sachem

    this is not the work of the sachems.

    blame either the nacoms or jester.

  9. SSN  

    It was an means of advertising for the 5-year in Iraq event this week. It stands for Save Sexy Soldiers. I heard Barnard girls did this.

  10. hey  

    what about felip tarud? i hear that he is in all of the societies

  11. who cares?  

    bwog could you please be even more self-referential? noone gives a fachem about your secret societies

  12. really?  

    Do the sachems really have a diamond for their logo? And they wear PINKIE RINGS? Who are we, Princeton?

  13. SSS  

    stands for super secret society. we must all kowtow in abject amazement.

  14. SSS

    stands for Senior Society of Sachems.

    also, Mukasey discussed his affiliation in congressional hearings:

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