Fire Alarm Interrupts Finals

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Tipster Daniel Tyner-Bryan is reporting that just a few moments ago, the fire alarm started going off in Hamilton, thereby interrupting finals and forcing all the students, teachers, and bluebooks onto the lawn outside. Stand by for updates/photos and tip us ( if you have any.

UPDATE 7:31 PM: Tipster Srijata Chattopadhyay informs us that the fire alarm was triggered by a trashcan fire on the third floor women’s bathroom.

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  1. i was  

    wondering what they were there for when i got meself a delicious hamdel sandwich.

    an inconvenient truth...that's funny.

    so did someone pull the alarm to avoid their exam??? college kids...they're just like high school kids!

  2. SCeeeeeeeeeeeeee  

    No, there was an actual fire on the 3rd floor bathroom women's bathroom...complete with smoke.

  3. but...

    the question remains: did someone set the fire to get out of an exam??? Sometimes pulling the fire alarm is pretty hard, arson may have been easier.

  4. this is true  

    but YO CHILL. it wasn't as dramatic as bwog makes it seem...damn sensationalists

  5. wow  

    i'm sure there was raaaampant cheating

  6. 3425  

    Better a fire truck than the Whaaambulance that came into 407 IAB during the History of the Presidency final at 6:50 and loudly complained about our scheduling and bitched at our TAs to get us out of there in 5 minutes because she had to start her test on time.

  7. wait  

    there's a women's room on the third floor of hamilton?

  8. thet'll teach him  

    hawkmadinejad needs to stop trying to cook his dinner.

  9. Anger Nipslip  

    YO. Trashcan fire? Is it that cold in Hamilton? Us engineers don't know.

  10. duh!  

    odd floor women's bathrooms on the side of the buildings where all the offices are....

    learn yo' bathroom locations!

  11. The heating  

    in hamilton hall has not worked since it was liberated years ago.

  12. ...  

    i always knew srijata was a mad arsonist... barnard girls trying to burn columbia down...

  13. mad love  

    for srijata... even though she's a member of the clergy and an underhanded Seik leader...

  14. Yo...  

    Anyone know why there are 5 cop cars on 114th now, around Broadway dorm?

  15. Dude,  

    French exam + fire + frisbee = awesomeness - chairs (which suck anyways, all exams should be written while standing or lying on the ground)

  16. why  

    is CULPA dead??? ARGH!

  17. What's goin on?  

    there were cops on Broadway 8, NYPD cops not campus security
    anybody know what's up?

  18. help  

    anyone got a word for love handles that i could use in an academic paper? Writing about bodies, need to refer to that specific piece of anatomy...coming up with nothing...

  19. google  

    provides "Informal name for the excess of fat around the waist of men and around the thighs and hips of women." Also: fuck handles, muffin-tops.
    plz post teh context!!!

  20. bon iver

    guys, how about culpa for senior wisdom? dude's been slacking off all year.

    • forever ago  

      the skinny is, bon hiver was forever ago. it blindsided me when it came, though i was safe in the stacks. but anyway, culpa is dead, the wolves flumed it up, leaving us creatures fearful of being eviscerated by unknown profs. we must team up and fix culpa. at least for emma.

  21. i am  

    really curious about this Broadway 8/police thing someone's talking about...

  22. Anonymous  

    What's up (or down) with CULPA -- is it officially a thing of the past or just a victim of neglect? And why gone when we need it most?

  23. reality  

    We want a Josh Schwartz senior wisdom!

  24. bored  

    Bwog, I'm bored. It's been 16 hours with no new posts and I'm writing a paper.
    Shape up!

  25. josh schawartz  

    for president!
    also senior wisdom.

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