Bwog Introduces: Missed Connections

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After so many hours locked up in Butler, Bwog couldn’t help but notice a few smoldering glances flying from person to person across the brutally well-lit study spaces. It got us thinking, and we decided to start a feature that we’d been considering for a long time:

Missed Connections.

Oh, my, yes. While some of you have already moved out of the dorms, there’s still a few days left to catch the eye of whoever’s been sitting next to you in CC missing your incisive comments about Kant. You can just do it on the Internet.

Here’s how it works: add a comment on this post with a description of the object of your desire, and some way to get in touch with you, like an email address. (The comments are hidden.) We’ll repost these, without the identifying emails, and gather the replies, then make the appropriate matches. It’ll be great. We await your responses with bated breath.

UPDATE: Since time is fleeting, you have one hour (til 1:30 PM today) to post a missed connection. At that point, we’ll be posting the comments. It’s the last day of school, so like every teen movie tells you, now’s the last chance to talk to the girl/boy of your dreams.

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  1. ZvS

    Testing the hidden-ness of the comments.

  2. good idea  

    Ok. The pretty Boy in question is about 6'1" or so, dark brown-black straight hair, blue eyes, kind of thick eyebrows, chiseled features etc. Looks just like my ex. Drives me nuts that I don't know who this guy is. I see him pretty often at 212, and once in Butler last week, and on 117/Amsterdam last night around 11:30. Really good looking guy. I'd like to know who he is so I don't get freaked out and think it's my ex every time I see him!
    My uni: lh2241

  3. Mcbain 6 Smoker  

    Guy from McBain 8: have you just started smoking recently or do you just smoke in your room? I haven't seen you smoke outside except for the last couple of weeks. Let's smoke together.

  4. coogan

    i get it and i get you

  5. coogan

    a smart, powerful woman to speak about the ravings of the heart

  6. grammar nazi

    it's "bated breath"

  7. I'm not  

    ...going to be ignored. I had English class with you all semester. I think you're really intelligent and unafraid of carnal desire. I want this for us:

    Holla back.

    (Dear Bwog, this is in jest, but please post it in all seriousness. I want to see if anyone responds. Best,
    Ian Corey-Boulet)


  8. random  

    You and I work together, and I have had a crush on you since the first day I met you, but I have never mustered up the courage to ask you out on an actual date out of fear of ruining the friendship that we have going on. I had a great time at senior ball tonight when I was with you. You probably don't even visit this website, but I figured what the hell. (Thank you alcohol)

  9. Arrgh

    WHOMEVER, not whoever. I'll hook up with anyone else who pointed out that glaring grammatical error.

  10. suggestion  

    Could you add the comments as they come in (there are 11?) rather than in larger batches? Time is limited.

  11. random  

    he was in mac adam's lit class. he sat in the back row of the middle section of the classroom and looked ever-so-sexy in his striped polo shirts and blue jacket.

  12. bloop  

    I met you under the influence of alcohol at the Lion's Head. Then we walked to hamdel--just the way drunken nights should go. You're nice and it's too bad you're graduating, but at least it makes it less awkward to post this since I'll probably never see you again.

  13. aaaah


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