Missed Connections: The Connecting Part

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Bwog received word that several Columbians are spending the first days of summer pining for the English class/Lion’s Head/McBain romance that never was. If you think a missed connection is directed your way, email Bwog and we’ll put you in touch with your inamorato/a.

  • “I met you under the influence of alcohol at the Lion’s Head. Then we walked to hamdel–just the way drunken nights should go. You’re nice and it’s too bad you’re graduating, but at least it makes it less awkward to post this since I’ll probably never see you again.”
  • “he was in mac adam’s lit class. he sat in the back row of the middle section of the classroom and looked ever-so-sexy in his striped polo shirts and blue jacket.”
  • “You and I work together, and I have had a crush on you since the first day I met you, but I have never mustered up the courage to ask you out on an actual date out of fear of ruining the friendship that we have going on. I had a great time at senior ball tonight when I was with you. You probably don’t even visit this website, but I figured what the hell. (Thank you alcohol)”
  • “I’m not going to be ignored. I had English class with you all semester. I think you’re really intelligent and unafraid of carnal desire. I want this for us. Holla back.”
  • “Guy from McBain 8: have you just started smoking recently or do you just smoke in your room? I haven’t seen you smoke outside except for the last couple of weeks. Let’s smoke together.”
  • “Ok. The pretty Boy in question is about 6’1″ or so, dark brown-black straight hair, blue eyes, kind of thick eyebrows, chiseled features etc. Looks just like my ex. Drives me nuts that I don’t know who this guy is. I see him pretty often at 212, and once in Butler last week, and on 117/Amsterdam last night around 11:30. Really good looking guy. I’d like to know who he is so I don’t get freaked out and think it’s my ex every time I see him!”



  1. wow  

    the post about senior ball is going to be highly regretted. or it'll be great, but i think highly regretted.

  2. Anonymous  

    The fatal attraction one is by far the creepiest.

    Still...I hope it's a girl and that I'm the one she's crazily fixated on.

  3. alexw

    All of these are about me.

  4. the tiny people  

    Alex, what about all those times you stepped on us? It doesn't really count as a missed connection, because your feet connected with our tiny heads, but we can't say we didn't sort of like it.

  5. alexw


  6. last one  

    if a guy reminds you that much of your ex, it's probably not such a good idea to date him.

  7. i would post one  

    but i think she may work at bwog. AWKWARD.

  8. fatal attraction

    i hope thats me!
    clearly what it means is that im as attractive as michael douglas

  9. Bwog is lame

    Way to not post my comment where I said I'd totally do any other commenter who noticed the huge grammatical error in the original post. Objective case, you fools!

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