Reminder to Would-Be B&W Senior Editors

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Just a quick reminder that today is the last to apply for a Blue and White senior editorship. 

And both the magazine and Bwog are always looking for new contributors and friends, etc.

Application after the jump.

Thank you for your interest in The Blue and White! Although we will also consider your previous writing and our knowledge of your character, this application will weigh heavily in our selection process. If you have questions, please ask.

Responsibilities: Senior editors are crucial to the magazine’s success and health; the style, the ideas, the prose, and the layout all depend on their work. The required time commitment is an editors meeting and a general meeting per week (two hours), plus one weekend a month for layout (Friday night, Saturday during the day, and Sunday morning until we’re done), as well as helping out with monthly (ish) parties and working with writers in between. The term is one year (eight issues). Senior editors are also invited (and expected) to pitch and write pieces on a regular basis.

Qualifications: A good senior editor is creative and curious, able to be flexible and work well with others, take and give edits graciously. Often they have strange obsessions and obscure interests. Always, they are devoted to precise and stylish prose, as well as insightful and conscientious reporting. We will look favorably upon a history of commitment to the magazine, but it’s not required.

The Application

Please take roughly five pages, double spaced, to answer the following questions:

What pieces have you written for the magazine to date? Have you written for other on- or off-campus publications?

Evaluate the magazine in a holistic sense. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Feel free to use specific pieces to support your argument.

Include a list of at least five feature pitches, a few campus characters, and some arts ideas.

And any other relevant thoughts you might have.

Please e-mail your completed prospectus to Anna Phillips (amp2133), Katie Reedy (ker2114), Juli Weiner (jw2484), and Lydia DePillis (lbd2102) no later than Monday, August 4.


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    did anyone notice the refresh to the CU homepage? and the new ColumbiaNews website?!?!

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