The Columbia Olympics: Hangovers

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Welcome to the Columbia Olympics. Through this series, Bwog hopes to prepare you for at least some of the events that you will participate in at Columbia. Unlike the real Olympics, no one’s too young, too old, too juiced, or too angry to participate. Since everything must be judged, though, we have included gold medal outcomes at the end of each post.

Bwog believes in timely advice. For Sunday mornings, timely advice means tips on how to lessen a hangover. Hangovers (aka “nature’s  way of telling you you possibly did something dumb last night”) are annoying regardless, but the length and strength of the hangover can make a big difference in how productive and enjoyable your day will be. Here’s some ideas from the Bwog and Blue & White staff. Use the comments to add your own advice.

Also, as a magazine and blog of mostly humanities majors, Bwog takes no responsibility for the scientific veracity of these “cures.”

  • Winning the hangover battle is all about preemption.
  • The night before, eat a heavy meal if you’re planning on drinking a lot. It will slow withdrawal, settle your stomach, and leave you fed.
  • Even a snack afterwards can help if you drink more than you thought.

  • Drink lots of water, both the night before and in the morning.  You might end up having to get up to pee in the middle of the night a lot, but you will be very glad when the sun rises.
  • You’re going to want caffeine, but stay away from coffee unless you have to. Take Excedrin instead, it’s easier on the stomach.
  • Gatorade and other sports drinks can also work in lieu of water.
  • Be careful with pain relievers like Tylenol – there’s a reason these drugs carry warning labels against consuming with alcohol.
  • Get some fresh air or exercise.
  • Read this New Yorker article and act accordingly. (Yes, we know it labels several of these tips as placebos. What’s your point?)

Gold medal outcome: Waking up without a hangover.

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  1. um....

    i really would NOT take excedrin. It contains acetomenaphin (tylenol), which is highly toxic when combined with any amount of alcochol. I suppose you won't have a headache, but you might get liver damage. Try aspirin instead, or better yet don't take any medicines.

  2. broken

    link to New Yorker article

  3. CUre

    I've found the best cure is waking up next to a hot barnard bitch. Unfortunately this one is extremely hard to come by.

  4. also  

    getting high. it makes some people sick as shit, but always works for me.

  5. or...  

    smoke weed instead. no hangover - ever!

  6. exercise  

    is the most effective and most painful cure

  7. Just

    smoke a j, drink a beer, or deal with it.

  8. i mean

    Also, be smart about how much you drink. You're there to have a good time with friends.
    I mean, drink, yeah. Just don't be a fucking idiot about how much. Have one too many instead of five too many.

  9. todd p

    hey guys -- what time is today's nsop concert on the steps?

  10. doesn't matter  

    there are no freshmen at the bars

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