Quick Fed: First Years and Last Temptations Edition

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It has come to Bwog’s attention that the Federalist Paper (aka the Fed), Columbia’s perennial bastion of jokedome, has published its second issue of the year.  Bwog encourages you to have a laugh or two as you try to shake off that midterm angst by reading the new issue entitled First Years and Last Temptations.

Jesus, CC 20 AD, a quiet cool Columbia student that not too many people remember.  Sound familiar?

Slackers host strike to make Core Curriculum easier.  Nothing gets done.

The death of David Foster Wallace, a footnote by no means.

A Fed exclusive interview with Stephan Vincenzo.  Yes, that “Stephan.”

The definitive Obamacain liveblog.  Are you sure you want to read it?  

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  1. LOL  

    that stephan article is

  2. random  

    meh, I didn't think the Stephan article was that funny.

  3. Fed Publisher  

    Uh, guys we had an orientation issue out during orientation week. I think technically we've printed one more issue this semester than you have. I mean not to nit pick or anything.

  4. not funny  

    this paper is a sorry waste of resources and readers' time. the actual materials used to print these terrible stories, such as paper and ink, would be thirty times more worthy if used for napkins and pens.

  5. Christian  

    I find the Jesus parody EXTREMELY offensive. Please remove that. It's beyond sacreligious. Admit it, if that had been about any other religion's deity, it would have been deemed completely inappropriate and insensitive. Please give Christians the same courtesy.

    Remove it NOW.

  6. Atheist  

    The Jesus parody is offensive. Extremely. This wouldn't fly were it about any other religion.

  7. c.maxwell fan  

    does he even know how legendary he is?

  8. Hmm...

    The Stephan article was quite amusing. The David Foster Wallace eulogy was uproarious.

  9. Christian  

    This school preaches so much tolerance and acceptance. It sounds nice, but it's purely a facade. You "tolerate" only what you agree with (which isn't really tolerance at all--tolerance presupposes you disagree with something but put up with it anyway) and refuse to respect the beliefs of others. It's disgustingly hypocritical. Please have some respect.

  10. Christian  

    Bible Thumping Twit,

    By your logic, hate crimes against Black Americans are only wrong if I believe that Blacks have equal rights. If I choose not to believe that, I can--following your argument--do whatever I want to people of other races, and it's not wrong at all.

    Obviously, that's DISGUSTING and completely ungrounded. Will everyone be offended by the Jesus parody? No. Should we be respectful of those who will, whose Deity it completely mocks and trashes? I'd hope that we step up and show that respect to our brothers and sister at Columbia.

    Apparently, I'll have to keep hoping...

  11. Dear Fed,  

    When you actually publish something that's, you know, somewhat funny, please let us know. Thanks :)

  12. not Christian  

    Two things:

    1. The Jesus article was offensively unfunny.

    2. If you replaced Jesus with some other non-Christian figure in that article, people would be pitching tents on the lawns right now.

    • Agreed  

      Yeah that's what bugs me. Complete double standard. Christians get the short end of the stick. Can you imagine how much press this issue would get if you had said things like that about Muhammad or Buddha? It would be a huge scandal. If you're going to be controversial, at least be consistent.

  13. chillax  

    Double standards are often justified. There are times when mockery is the tip of the iceberg of hatred; there are other times, when it is merely irreverence for its own sake.

  14. insider

    I wish someone would leak the unpublished Religion issue of the Jester from last year. That'd kill the grass...

  15. Lighten Up

    The Jesus article was funny. Just laugh and enjoy it, and move on.

  16. chillax  


    I think the obvious implication of my post is that, while those people who mock Muslims (and perhaps minorities in general) often do so out of hatred, those people who mock christians (and members of the majority) usually do so purely for the humor it provides. Thus, we should judge the two kinds of comments differently because of the different intents of the commentators. Also, if you don't want to look at intent but the result of a comment...I think mockery of a minority can lead to a "ganging-up" on the minority by the majority. On the other hand, mocking the majority is relatively safe because of its majority status.


    • not Christian  

      That is painfully ignorant, in my opinion.
      While I definitely understand that the implications of a majority making fun of a minority definitely seem worse because of the insinuation that the comment originates from hatred, that does not justify double standards, because, as you said, you never really know someone's intent. A minority telling him/herself that it is okay to make fun of someone simply because of their majority status is rationalization, not justification. What happened to rising above? And also, who said that there aren't any minority members who actually do have hatred for majorities? Prejudice is a two-way street.

      Another point is, it is entirely possible to get away with poking fun at any group, provided that it is funny enough. Comedians make fun of all races and creeds all the time (including their own), and if it's done right, they can get a positive response from most. The Jesus article was just bad (to be fair, I didn't think any articles in this issue were funny), although I didn't see any hatred in it.

      • not Christian  

        Quick correction: after rereading your post, I realize that you didn't say you don't know someone's intent; just that you don't always have to look at intent. Sorry to put words in your mouth.

        That said, I stand by my statement that one never really does know someone's intent when they make fun of someone.

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