BREAKING: Amir’s Shut by Health Department

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Terrible, terrible news as Morningside standby Amir’s has been shuttered due to health code violations. And it only violated 11 points’ worth of your health during its last inspection in January.

Bwog tried calling the ill-fated falafel distributor for comment, but after a few rings, the phone just cut off.  Close-up of the notice and the Department of Health’s list of grievances–and the fate of Amir’s!–after the jump.

Photos by Anish Bramhandkar

Jessica Scaperotti, who works in media relations at the Department of Health, talked to Bwog Culinary Bureau Chief Jon Hill about the restaurant’s specific violations, which include:

  • Cold food being stored above proper temperatures
  • Food not being cooled by the appropriate methods (Considering there are only so many ways to cool food, Bwog wonders what was going on)
  • Roaches in the food storage area
  • Evidence of a fly infestation

Says Scaperotti: “As soon as the situation is rectified, they can contact the Department of Health for a subsequent inspection.”


  1. where says:  

    is the 'list of grievances'?

  2. EWWWW says:  

    now I'm glad I never ate there.

    and what is up with the roaches? they've been semi-rampant in Wien lately

  3. damn says:  

    up from 11 to 77 violations?

  4. and says:

    rats in claremont

  5. woooooo says:  

    i dont think ive ever eaten worse falafel. this is a long time coming. we gotta get jerusalem shawarma to move up in here.

  6. seriously says:  

    i'm not joking when I say this, but I found a roach in my platter from Amir's once. good riddance.

  7. finally says:

    fuck amir's that place sucks. let's get a sporting goods store or something

  8. ha ha ha says:  

    HA to my roommate who ate all the time there last year. HA. HA. HA. that's what you get

  9. i feel... says:  

    so dirty about having eaten there.

  10. ehh says:

    most of the restaurants on morningside have health violations and get closed down at one point or another. i still like amir's.

  11. So, explain this says:  

    Then, how has John Jay not been shut down?

  12. Hamilton says:  

    How about a Five Guys? Or a good kebab place?

  13. Five Guys says:

    Is not possible because Morningside Heights would never allow a good, cheap restaurant to exist within its boundaries. (Excepting Roti Roll and Taqueria)

  14. ... says:

    someone speaks the truth and they are immediately censored... i feel like an opressed male now

  15. ..... says:  

    you should date a vegetarian. we taste better. or, become one yourself. food is cheaper that way

  16. barnard girl says:  

    they can replace it with a yogurt place!

  17. oooooh says:  

    JAMBA JUICE!!!!!

  18. oh my god says:


  19. pico de guava says:  

    no no panera blows

  20. I second says:


  21. Quizno's Lover says:  

    Quizno's would dominate Columbia. I would even put some of my own money in to help it get built.

  22. cyang says:  

    please write In Defense of Amir's Lebanese Chicken Wrap.

  23. panera??? says:  

    is there a worse scourge than Panera, with its fake bread and fake cold cuts and nothing worth eating? Let's hope to god it stays in the 'burbs. I did not move to NYC to eat at Panera.

  24. hmmmm says:  

    i wouldn't mind an au bon pain or pret a manger around here

  25. time for says:  

    a really good middle eastern place. preferrably persian or afghani!

  26. mat says:

    Jerusalem Cafe is better anyway.

  27. surlybastard says:

    The problem with Amir's was that they always used stale pitas. Jerusalem Gyro was always much better, and infinitely more filthy.

  28. likeAmir's says:  

    I like Amir's. The food was very good. I ate there so many times and I never felt bad.

  29. aaoaoao says:  

    As the poster demonstrates, it could have possibly been a mental hygiene violation that closed Amir's. any ideas on what that could mean

  30. I'd enjoy says:

    something vegetarian or healthy, because I can't think of any restaurant in morningside heights that fits either of those qualifications. If not, (good) middle eastern/persian/AFGHANI would also be a great replacement.

  31. Taco Bell says:  

    that would be fucking epic

  32. DHI says:  

    Okay there's never gonna be a commuter tax.

    BUT there could possibly be a Five Guys near CU.

  33. au bon pain says:  

    would be amazing. seriously, lots of other colleges have one near their campus. good food, cheap, and does breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.

  34. ... says:  

    i love how they call it the department of health and mental hygiene.

    it's just so... midcentury... it totally conjurs up images of coen brothers style dudes running around in white jumpsuits with giant human nets baggin up the crazies.

  35. ssssssssssss says:  

    they should get an in and out

  36. BURGERS says:  


  37. Idea says:  

    Four Seasons restaurant?

  38. i live here says:  

    What is with all the people begging for this-or-that chain restaurant? You really want Broadway to look like any other main drag in America? Owner-operated small businesses are what make a place unique, you dorks!

  39. Bob says:

    I kind of liked Amirs. Never had any problem. They are one of the few affordable places in the area.

  40. of course says:

    he's a dick...he has a legitimate grievance...he's tired of being plunged into a tunarific forest of horrors.

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