Terrible, terrible news as Morningside standby Amir’s has been shuttered due to health code violations. And it only violated 11 points’ worth of your health during its last inspection in January.

Bwog tried calling the ill-fated falafel distributor for comment, but after a few rings, the phone just cut off.  Close-up of the notice and the Department of Health’s list of grievances–and the fate of Amir’s!–after the jump.

Photos by Anish Bramhandkar

Jessica Scaperotti, who works in media relations at the Department of Health, talked to Bwog Culinary Bureau Chief Jon Hill about the restaurant’s specific violations, which include:

  • Cold food being stored above proper temperatures
  • Food not being cooled by the appropriate methods (Considering there are only so many ways to cool food, Bwog wonders what was going on)
  • Roaches in the food storage area
  • Evidence of a fly infestation

Says Scaperotti: “As soon as the situation is rectified, they can contact the Department of Health for a subsequent inspection.”