Amir’s is Back in Business

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amirsRejoice! Mediocre falafel purveyor Amir’s has opened back up after getting beat down last week by the Department of Health.

Bwog ventured into the newly-scrubbed feeling establishment to query the proprietor as to whether his food was, in fact, safe to eat. He assured us it was, and that the issue had been “just a refrigerator problem.”

We hope so!

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  1. amirs sucks  


  2. yeah it does suck  

    I thought we all agreed on the opening up of a Quiznos....shame on the owner for ruining my dream.

  3. how cheap is

    the falafel here?

    Amir 4 dollars!

  4. Sprinkles

    The health inspector only just so happened to show up on the one day they had a "refridgerator problem?" Yeah right...

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