Reni Lane Signs With Major Label, Debuts on “The L-Word”

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A tipster/fan reminds us that campus artist Reni Lane CC ’10 has not only signed with major label Custard/Universal Motown (joining James Blunt, among others), but also will have her song “Place for Us” on tonight’s episode of Showtime’s “The L Word.” You can hear the song right now on her Myspace page. Sure, Showtime isn’t on Columbia’s cable system, but Bwog has no doubt our readers know how to get their hands on TV shows.

“Place for Us” is also the first song from her first major label album, which will be released this spring. And remember, she made Frontiers of Science catchy.

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  1. wait?  

    you mean, Reni Jablonsky?

  2. omg omg omg  

    the l word!!!!! omg!!! it will be on in brooks at barnard

  3. ...

    Hey bwog, you guys should maybe put up a post about this... It's a pretty big deal and some good work that this kid has done...

  4. a few things

    1. Reni it's time to beat up Rumer Willis, because she's totally trying to steal your hair.

    2. How long until Perez Hilton gushes over this?

    3. Will American Apparel just make her a spokesperson already? haha

  5. leisha  

    This is utterly fantastic

  6. bro '12

    the name of one of her songs is "american baby" wtf? how dare she steal the name of a great DMB song with the same title!?!?! she is soo not bro.

  7. obvi  

    sarah dooley >>>>>> reni lane

  8. Hrm

    As much as I love Sarah Dooley's web show and think she is adorable, her music is all sounds like Regina Spektor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she is inferior, but Sarah needs to develop her own style instead of making a song that made me and two other people say upon hearing it the first time "I didn't know Regina Spektor sang this?" She does have a lovely voice.

    • musicista  

      took the words right out of my mouth. She's a great performer, but needs her own style.

      Although I dislike her music, I'm happy for Reni Lane. She worked hard and got what she wanted.

  9. hold on  

    why did she drop the "i" in her last name? that's what her official name is ( a pre madonna douche

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  11. also

    on custard records: courtney love? a role model, methinks...

  12. cool!  

    congrats to her. Music sounds decent and I'm assuming they write it themselves.

  13. I thought

    hipsters hated mainstream stuff. You guys are a complicated bunch, because her stuff sounds like watered-down Coldplay. The major label stuff is funny. I guess I'm negative, I just find her stuff boring and unoriginal. Then again, most stuff on the radio is like that.

  14. SmarterThanU

    I'm surprised at the immaturity of the people posting here. What you're missing is that this girl hasn't met an instrument she can't play, composes her own music, writes, and performs it all. AND has been composing music since she was very young. This kid works hard - give her some credit and stop being so freakin jealous and catty.

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