NotQuickSpec: Where You’ll Be Drunk Next Week!

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Instead of giving you a roundup of New York news to make up for the absent Spectator, Bwog has gotten the news from Spring Break hot spots to prepare you for next week. A little pre-gaming, if you will.

Tijuana: This town is so great, you’ll get your head chopped off! Wait, what!?

South Florida: Get smashed, then praise Jesus.

Cancun: You know what, maybe you should go to South Florida, instead.

California Coast: Quick, get here before it disappears!

New Orleans: The rebuilding continues, for the service-minded among us.

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  1. j school  

    our j school can't really be this stupid...give me a break:

  2. noooooooooooo  

    Save my coast please, I don't want to be underwater

  3. huh?  

    I don't get the New Orleans joke.

  4. Taco Bell  

    this post is such a joke.

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