The Healing Power of Television

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CBS News’ latest Medical Correspondent comes with a working knowledge of Homer and the difficulties of swimming 75 yards. Jennifer Ashton, CC ’91 and College of Physicians and Surgeons ’00, will move to The Early Show this year after a three-year gig consulting for Fox News. She already has her own successful private gynecology practice in Englewood, New Jersey, so any of the forty-five billion Columbia students from the Garden State can easily scope her out.

Underclassmen in the throes of indecision will note that Ashton was an art history major before going medical. CBS News president Sean McManus cites her ability to “clearly communicate” as a prime asset, though in the wrong light that may smack of “can translate for the plebes.”

The Early Show is on from 7:00 am to 9:00 am Monday through Saturday. You might as well stay up that extra hour on Friday and catch some of it.

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