Get Some Wifi with Your Chicken Wings

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jjs pic 4Three years after adopting flat screens, JJ’s Place has gotten another technological upgrade. Student Services confirms to Bwog that JJ’s Place has now added wireless internet access, along with “some structural renovations.” No doubt it’ll be handy for first-years taking a break from half-finished homework to Google useful JJ’s information, like “how much fried food before my heart stops.”


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  1. i wonder

    if they have leveled the pool table yet?

  2. the pool table

    wasn't level?

    Jeez, I guess I was pretty high every single time I went in there.

    It got so bad the guys at the kitchen counter would make jokes every time about how blazed I was. Oh wait, they did that to everyone.

  3. this

    is embarrassing. Pretty much every other school worth going to has wireless everywhere

  4. 2010

    I miss being offered drugs by the employees of JJs. Soon, so soon!

  5. You might

    Not want to post things that will get people fired...

  6. 2012

    hint: it's more fried food than you think.

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