Campo Comes to the J-School, Brings New Restaurant

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Since opening last year, the J-School cafe area hasn’t exactly been overwhelmed, as students have been waiting for a more formal establishment to open and/or thought the room was entirely computer-generated. Starting Monday, though, look for students to at least give the space a second chance, as the owners of Campo will be opening a new restaurant there.

According to J-school officials, the restaurant–which does not have an official name yet, though Brad’s Coffee House or Brad’s Brew are mentioned as possible candidates–will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends (broader hours are “under discussion”). Victuals will include “toasted sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, milk shakes and superior brand coffee,” with pricing still being finalized before Monday’s opening. Wifi will also be available inside for the internet-surfing gourmet, and “the vendors hope to offer the delivery during operation hours and full catering.”

Unlike Blue Java or Ferris Booth, the restaurant will not be run by Columbia, which, as one Blue and White editor put it, “is like democracy coming to a country under one-party rule.” Democracy and milkshakes…delicious. 


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  1. Uris-burned cynic

    That is, until the Journalism students start complaining about having to mingle with undergrads and they stop accepting flex to get them to leave.

    Brownies in the basement of Avery isn't Columbia run. The food is fantastic. Its cash only.

    Uris used going cash only to get the Ugrads out like, 3 years ago.

    This too shall pass...

  2. NSOP's schedule

    has been released.

  3. mmmmm

    a new coffee option! maybe its dunkin donuts. that's brand name. and it's superior.

  4. clg


    also, the b-schoolers are a strange breed. virulent fuhrer rally-esque chanting coming from the steps of uris today. they did not let up for at least an hour. my boss saw them parading around in viking hats a few days ago. perhaps this is all part of an elaborate ritual intended to replace their conscience with the tenets of capitalism?

  5. ummm

    is wifi really a selling point? considering there is already wifi on campus?

  6. ex-CC CBSer  

    After 5 days of bschool orientation, all I can say is... fuck CC.

  7. wait...

    am i the only one excited about this?

  8. ...

    they should make it such that you can only look at the menu or place orders via a website and call it the zeitgeist cafe.

  9. asfasf

    Does anyone know the phone number of this place?!

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