College Commences, Parents Exit

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With pictures snapping, campus safety patrolling and students and professors promenading en masse, this afternoon’s convocation began with all the fanfare of a red carpet affair.  After brief introductions given by Dean Kevin Shollenberger and Dehui Kong, CC ’11 and NSOP Coordinator in Chief,  faculty celebs took the podium to address students and parents of the incoming freshman class. 

Despite the glare of the jumbotrons and the buzz of loudspeakers, Michele Moody-Adams and Feniosky Pena-Mora, rookie deans of the college, did not deliver the blockbuster performances their flashy crimson and gold robes promised.  Pena-Mora filled the audience in on the history of SEAS (did you know Michael I. Pupin, CC 1883, is not only the namesake of Pupin Hall but also the inventor of the Pupin Coil?) and Moody-Adams encouraged students to take risks, but not too many and not too foolishly. 

But it was President Bollinger, that inveterate crowd-pleaser, who stole the show. With well-timed witticisms and an equally eloquent exhortation, he reminded the audience that if there’s one thing that never depreciates in a recession, it’s the inestimable currency of a Columbia education.  So tell your mom and dad not to worry about the interest rates on your student loans, dear frosh; PrezBo’s got your back. Photos from the sunny afternoon after the jump.

A Proud Columbia Family Eagerly Awaits Convocation


Pena-Mora (left) and Moody-Adams Make their Entrance


 New Dean of the College, and Birthday Girl, Addresses her ’13 Fans


President Bollinger with a Winning Smile

OLs Sing for CU


The Scene outside Carman post Convocation 

’13s Move into Carman

 Out with the Old and In with the New

: 13s Settle In and and Bid Adieu 


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  1. ...  


    I wish I could have spent more than 1 year there

  2. bah

    what, no coverage of GS's orientation? i know they were sequestered off in lerner like unwanted children while SEAS and CC were playing in the sunshine.

  3. pink gown?

    What school is Michele Moody-Adam's pink gown from?

  4. omg

    look at all these bwog posts! school is so close to starting. jizz'm.

  5. yo skkersz  

    i need a fucking microscope to see your pictures

  6. ahh

    four bwog entries in one day. all has returned to normal in the world

  7. why  

    is the bwog acting like spec?

  8. CC 09

    Bwog you do realize that that was Convocation, Commencement is for graduating seniors. A little counter intuitive perhaps but come on.

  9. 128

    Look, I know we're bitter that we lost Hermione to Brown, but do we really have to hire a dean named Moody who actually has mad eyes (pic 3) and make Bollinger give that shaggy haired, low glasses, goofy Dumbledore grin (pic 4)? We're not Hogwarts, okay.

  10. Wow

    no one gives a shit about Watson and your forced comparisons are kinda pathetic. You put way too much effort into this for it to sound ironical. I'm actually kind of embarrassed for you

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