Because It Has Such Great Ambiance?

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streetYou’ll have to find your $3 beer elsewhere, since our own 1020 is the set of the new Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg film, The Other Guys.  We expect that many fart jokes and and much “bromance” will grace the very boothes you’ll be lucky enough to sit in during the next twelve weeks; until then, 1020 is closed until Thursday.



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  1. God 1020

    is like the girl you dated for a few weeks, got sick of, broke up with, and right when you thought you were free and clear she drops by unexpectedly with beer, a joint, handcuffs, and a corset. Right when I felt resolved to never suffer through another night of this overcrowded maze of disappointment and sweat induced humidity it gives me a reason to stick around a bit longer. Damn you 1020!!!

  2. 2150  

    this is kind of annoying but at least we'll appreciate it more when it's back!

  3. noooooooooo  

    where the hell am I to go until Thursday!?!?! aaaaah

  4. FECK  

    where am i supposed to do my trendy?

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