Go Ahead, Make Ayn Rand Proud

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Ron PaulNostalgic for the 2008 primaries? America’s favorite libertarian comes to WKCR tonight at 9 PM when Aaron Kiersh airs his interview with Ron Paul on Late Night City Edition.  Among other topics, Paul will discuss his view of Obama’s proposed financial regulations (bad), health care reform (worse), and the future of the libertarian movement in national politics (disastrous).  Considering how Paul’s interview on “Austrian economics” went last spring, let’s just hope no one mentions Sasha Baron Cohen.

Kiersch will follow with an interview with Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in D.C.



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  1. Cleve Jones  

    coming to Columbia is much more exciting.

  2. 2010  

    I like Ron Paul. Even though some of the things he supports can seem...troubling, at least he is consistent in applying his libertarian views to all forms of governance. You can be sure as hell that if Ron Paul was elected president, he would much more transparent than Obama.

  3. WKCR  

    is Columbia's best kept secret. Everyone should listen.

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