Westboro Protests at JTS

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Westboro Baptist Church members, purveyors of, well, controversial ideas, were protesting at the Jewish Theological Seminary at 122nd Street today.

Their chants were protested by members of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, silently holding signs.

The whole awkward affair was watched over by several police officers, who kindly told Bwog to “move along” before they pounced on an onlooker who shouted “Can’t hear you, brah” at the protesters.

JTS WBC protest 1

Update, 4:42 PM: David Fine, CC ’13, sent in his pictures and video of the protest.

More uncomfortable photos after the jump.

Photos by Anish Bramhandkar

JTS WBC protest 2

JTS WBC protest 3

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  1. more support for  

    killing all people associated with the western religions.

  2. pokemon  

    references. golden.

  3. Does that sign  

    in the first pic say "Bitch Burger"? What does that even mean?

  4. was  

    there a specific reason for the protest?
    or were they just bored today and couldn't think of another way to enjoy the sunshine?

  5. way to be  

    intervarsity christians, much love from your Jewish brethren here.


  6. urban dictionary...  

    1. bitch burger
    an insult directed toward people who are mean or rude to everyone for no reason. someone you want to smush into a burger and fry them up nice and good.
    joe: oh my god! Karlie is pissing me off!

    Perhaps the irony is lost on them...

  7. snarky procrastination  

    Today on Ultimate Smackdown to the Death (and consequentially eternity in paradise)!

    In this corner, serving up brimstone and bitch burgers, Christians who love God who hates! (Cheers!)

    And in this corner, looking dapper but ever so clueless, Christians who love God who loves! (Huzzah!)

    (Jesus Christ, it’s the blind leading the blind…wasn’t there a parable about that or something?)

  8. no kidding here...  

    Unfortunately, they are totally serious. No sarcasm at all. If you don't believe me, check wikipedia or youtube.

  9. credit

    where credit is due.

    The Christians were able to use the series of tubes to find JTS. I went to columbia for a few years before I knew JTS existed. Bravo you have outdone me.

  10. move  

    Yea Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, rock on. Show 'em what Christianity is really about. Love is the movement

  11. yaimen  

    fuck these cocksuckers.

  12. clg  

    The BBC's Louis Theroux did an excellent and telling documentary (all his docs are great, though) on the WBC a few years ago. Actually stayed on the compound and got to know the members. Ultimately, it's very sad. I feel for the children who got sucked up into this clusterfuck of irrationality against their will. Aboslutely a must watch.

  13. clg  

    pardon my previous works but, like the wbc, is irrational.

  14. westboro baptist

    are basically just a bunch of real-life internet trolls. the whole church, which is basically just one family, just tries to come up with the most hateful things they can say just to get people mad. their theology, and this is no joke is basically, the world will save all eight of us, and everyone else is going to hell.

    they are a total bunch of assclowns.

  15. yaimen  

    fuck your daughter's father's mother.

  16. gay pride parade  

    at the westboro baptist church? every week? Sunday mornings?

    all in favor, say aye

  17. news

    According to what I've heard, if I'm not mistaken, this very same group has been granted a permit to deliver its self-styled brand of hatred to a string of synagogues and, amazingly, a public middle school tomorrow in a Long Island town with a large Jewish community-- causing so much anticipated disruption for the schoolchildren that their school day may effectively be cut in half. This, in any event, is what I heard several days ago. I don't suspect my sources realized just how few crooked souls this organization can cobble together for a "demonstration." Then again, perhaps the prospect of taunting schoolchildren, rather than seminary students and the occasional passersby in a hitherto hidden corner of the upper-west side, will be a greater lure for the types of crooked souls in question.

  18. Ben  

    Where are the pictures of the intervarsity group?

  19. I was there  

    But can't be seen in the pictures (I'm at the bus stop). Watching a child wear a shirt that says "God hates fags" was quite disturbing. Also, it was odd to watch the whole family jump into a family minivan with bloody flags of Israel and an American flag apron.

  20. this

    is the same group that protests the funerals of american soldiers killed in iraq with t-shirts that say 'god loves dead soldiers' and also came out with 'god loves hurricane katrina' and 'god loves 9/11' a while back.

  21. Lucy Sun  

    I'm so glad our own campus Inter-Varsity Christians were there. Honestly, I cry when I look at the second picture, especially when I see the rainbow flag.

  22. Anonymous  

    Lets go Columbians! We'll give them a nice chat on tolerance just like that Iranian chap whose arse we fixed... oh wait, he's worse than before. Smug intellectuals of the world unite to crush superstition! Hang on sec, I just received a blinding insight that says when self-righteous so-called intellectuals battle with self-righteous idiots it emits fallout that turns brains to pudding.

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