Columbia Bartending Agency Reopens; Several People Rejoice

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Drop those Jello shots, folks—the Columbia Bartending Agency has officially reopened after a several-month hiatus.  Though the School of Mixology has offered its signature five-course, real-alcohol training programs for the past three seasons, the Agency, responsible for hiring out bartenders to private events, was asked to shut down temporarily after sending several students to an unlicensed warehouse party last fall.

Having conducted a rigorous internal review, the Agency has finally begun to re-train employees under a newly revised protocol.  Managing director Bryan Wesley Reid believes the Agency to be far more comprehensive and organized than its previous incarnation, and newly instated administrative and pricing changes should help its services remain accessible to prospective clients.  In addition, the School will run four evening courses as planned this October, and will continue to donate a portion of each student’s $200 tuition to the America Reads and Community Lunch organizations through Community Impact.

Your days of drinking Schnapps straight from the bottle may be over.  But then again, probably not.

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