Bwoglines: Aren’t We Defensive

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U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s remarks don’t apply to Dartmouth. How dare you imply such a thing! (The Dartmouth)

Thompson accuses Bloomberg of distorting the facts of the former’s time at the Board of Education in the final mayoral debate. (Gothamist)

It’s quite old-fashioned to get defensive about dirty money. Still, Mayor Bloomberg went through his accountant to donate to one of his biggest campaign supporters, Governor Booker of Newark. (NY Times)

Yes, I do read literature, thank you very much! (Spec)

City health administrators can get a little less defensive – we’ve finally got H1N1 vaccines for the kiddies! And yes, elementary schoolers do take priority over 18-22 year olds. (CityRoom)



  1. you didn't

    link to the incomprhensible article about space distribution in the Diana.

    Serious question: Do SGA recognized groups get to reserve space in Lerner without being recognized by ABC/SDA? If so, then restricting Diana reservations to SGA (and SGB) groups only is an unfair double standard. That problem already exists with SGB groups getting preference for reservations in St. Paul's/Earl Hall, unless they get second pick after ABC groups in Lerner Hall (which I've assumed isn't the case.)

  2. critic  

    On the subject of the H1N1 vaccine, is it not true that young adults are the segment of the population at greatest risk, as repeatedly reported in the news? Is it not true that the virus targets those with strong immune systems more than it targets those with weak immune systems? And if so, why are the current distribution practices accepted without question? And notwithstanding, why is there not more outrage that the CDC failed to act with the urgency that their very own reports called for? Why is there not more outrage that the government stoked fears of a pandemic and then failed to put an effective system of response in place before the correctly projected date of the outbreak?

  3. UhOh  

    Do you mean Mayor Corey Booker of Newark? Or Governor Corey Booker of the year 2017?

  4. your

    sincere appreciation of lowbrow culture is very highbrow nice work and A+ my friend you are a true progressive

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