Hawkmadinejad’s Return: Now with More Gore

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Hawkmadinejad made a glorious return yesterday, shredding a pigeon in the trees near John Jay while dropping feathers and guts onto the passers-by below.


More gore after the jump!

This red-tailed hawk is sporting a brown tail, so it must be a juvenile. Since the original Hawkmadinejad was a juvy two years ago, this is another young hawk that has taken up campus hunting grounds.

Hawkma continued to pluck and eat its meal.

Feathers and organs collected below as the meal continued.

As soon as the carcass was light enough, Hawkma finished the rest of its meal on a higher perch near Hamilton.

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  1. I for one  

    love that we have a blog following hawk attacks. It's amazing.

  2. Tag  

    What does "Tobias would be proud" mean? If that's an AD reference, I would be very disappointed in myself for not getting it.

    Also, this is awesome. We should probably close our windows before Hawkma acquires the taste for mammal blood.

    • Tobias,  

      the boy who was trapped as a hawk in Animorphs. Duh.

      Are you not a child of the nineties?

    • Clearly

      Tobias would be proud is a reference to Tobias in the Animorphs series, who got stuck in the form of a Hawk when he didn't morph back within 2 hours while fighting the Yeerks.

      A mean, come on? Did you have a social life or something during the late 90's? Cause that's the only logical excuse for not having read those books...

      • any undergrad

        was under the age of 12 in the nineties...therefore limiting their "social life" to their immediate family members and the occasional slumber party.

        thus, hence, subsequently, i decree...there is no excuse for not having read at least enough of the animorphs series to get the reference, or - at the very very least - hearing your nerdier friends discussing it.

  3. The  

    red eye in the first picture makes this all the more epic

  4. These photos...

    ...are absolutely amazing. Great work, guys!

  5. 12320000000

    Hawkma is a badassmothafucka. Dayum. Like 300 or some shit, except for birds.

  6. Wow.  

    Who took these photos?

  7. Ahhh...  

    I didn't have cable until high school, so no animorphs. Thanks for the clarifications.

    • ....  

      animorphs was a book series long before it was a shitty TV show.

      Also, posters on here need to remember that seniors now really are the last children of the 90's...Think about it, if you're 21/22 now, then in 1999 you were 11/12. Freshmen nowadays would have been 7/8, a bit too young for them to really claim growing up in that age.

  8. Pogs  

    are the shit. Flat out.

  9. Thads  

    11/12/09, 10:30 am: 2 mature redtail hawks seen outside Earl Hall/ Math, swooping on and devouring something looking like a rat...

  10. Thads  

    A dark one with a beautiful red tail, and a light one. Neither seems to be the same as the one in the photos here...

  11. peace  

    I love these pictures! But, is it just me, or does the fact that a BIRD IS EATING A BIRD not freak anyone out? Like.... a fish eating a fish or a tiger eating a lion?

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