1. LQ

    really, is it that serious?

  2. this is  

    retarded. people do it for attention, there honestly is no need to study that much and that hard to do well. study week is always the best week of the year to do whatever you want and enjoy yourself

    some people at this school piss me off

    • shutup  

      stupid film major. some people, like this guy, have real classes to study for and real things to learn about.

      • hahah  

        I just checked back here, actually I am an econ major, work part time and am a varsity athlete. I still manage a very high 3 gpa. The problem is most of these people don't know how to get work done or that are too stupid to go to this school in the first place.

        Just do your shit and stop trying to be drama queens about it like the tool in the photo and the rest of the people that enjoy camping out in butler like idiots

        • woah  

          I'm an econ major who is a varsity athlete with a very high gpa and i'm also a kennedy and i'm screwing your girlfriend and all of the frats want me so badly and i'm ten times cooler than you and i don't actually study because teachers pay me to take their class my shit doesn't stink but rather permeates a heavenly glow.

  3. wtf  

    taking pictures of people while they are sleeping is fucking creeeeeeppy

  4. No  

    it's not \the best week of the year\ by any means for those of us who are actually taking challenging classes. BUT, yes, many people are in Butler just for the attention, like this kid. To such people I say: stop trying so hard, we're not impressed.

    • AMEN!  

      REALLY, people. Calm the fuck down.

      I'm swamped too; I procrastinated on the reading; put essays off an now I have to catch up which means buckling down and doing some work. IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.

      You can't take two steps these days without running into a bunch of assholes (especially girls) complaining about ZOMG having soooo much work.

      - GASP! You have 2 exams Friday? Well I have three essays due Monday.
      - O-M-G, I have a 19-page paper due tomorrow morning and haven't even started yet.
      - ZOMG, Bonding!
      - Totally!
      - Rainbows!
      - Cupcakes!

      You vapid catch-you-next-tuesdays. Listen up; It's not cool. It's not a freaking competition; and we don't awe at your scholastic undertakings so just shut the fuck up and do your work instead of exaggerating your academic woes for effect.

      Like the asshole in room 208 who spread all his books around, piled them up, bemoaned (very loudly) to his friend passing by about his insurmountable amount of work only to do exactly 2 courseworks post and then go on Facebook. (REALLY?!)

  5. Me  

    If that guy is like a film major or comparative literature or philosophy major my guess is that he is passed out drunk, not sleeping because he's so tired from studying. The only people who work hard are the SEAS students/science and math majors.

    • ehhh  

      I sort of disagree. So long as you keep up during the semester, this week isn't too bad. This week is only painful if you haven't kept up (I admit I fall in that camp), and it so happens that it is much harder to keep up in Science and Mathematics courses...

      • history  

        insanity---in humanities courses you can (and do) fall behind on thousands of pages of reading, and if your classes are difficult, the reading actually has to get done. See, like you need math to do the equation. You need to know your shit to write the essay-- if you put in random numbers-- you fail. teachers are not stupid.

        • seriously?

          well i hope you never take any math classes because clearly you will fail. and it's not like it's one equation. when you get to higher level math and you do proofs and abstract things, your numbers become a composition, your equations are your sentences, and your balanced (unbalanced, rebalanced, fixed) equations are your transitions and documentation.

  6. hey bwog

    where did CUeats go?

  7. Jim  

    Why the hell do people even study in Butler like this? I've maintained a pretty damn good GPA and all I do is study in my room.

  8. good student here  

    i think it is a whole macho posturing routine... no one seriously achieves anything by this whole "36 hours non-stop at Butler" routine. as someone who simply budgets the appropriate number of hours per week to keeping up with reading and writing (and does NOT go nuts doing so -- believe me!), i manage to deal with this time of year sanely and get good grades. believe me, i have no secret. it's difficult here, of course -- but not THAT rough!

  9. cc 11  

    This defeats the purpose of butler entirely. As both a massive procrastinator and science student, I do stints in Butler because I can't nap there. Also, the shame keeps me from going through a season of 30 rock before even starting to study. It's a self-control aid, not a story-topper for me.

  10. yeah  

    it is. it's behind that one high table across from the printers.

  11. Question  

    What's the best way to flirt in the gym? What's the protocol? E.g. if I see a cute girl and wanna hit on her...ladies, your perspective?

  12. Person  

    >the reading actually has to get done


  13. chill  

    Everyone needs to chill. It could just be that he's posing for the pic or that he actually fell asleep. It's a funny picture regardless.

  14. HATERS  

    In fact, he slept for 4 hours in that position.

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