That Wasn’t Really Pasta on the Pizza

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Matt Kalish, SEAS ’12,  sends in this photo of a shuttered Pinnacle Deli:

The phones happily rang when we tried to call Pinnacle but no one answered.  The Department of Health is closed on Sunday and the most recent inspection is not online yet, so use your imagination!  Because, as you know, Pinnacle was always spotless.

Update: 1/6 10:30 AM: The most recent inspection details are online now.  Save this for after lunch.

One more photo after the jump.

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  1. Holy Shit!

    Pinnacle has Wi-Fi!

  2. The International Drew

    Yeah, but you gotta pay for it.

  3. Thank god

    No surprise. Last time I went to Pinnacle, I walked in right as the guy behind the pizza counter sneezed all over the 10 pies that were there. He took one look at me, looked back at the pizza, and then asked me what I wanted, as if nothing was wrong.

  4. you forgot

    the best part: a close-up of the handwritten sign saying "it's close. i'm sorry."

  5. Finally

    Oy...it's about time. I haven't been to Pinnacle since a couple of unsavory experiences I had a few months back. Which is a shame, because I actually liked their pizza and sandwiches when they weren't making my insides fall out.

  6. hmm

    it was actually closed due to their poor mental hygiene. it was a cesspool of depression.

  7. Alum

    Whoooa, Pinnacle is closed? I lived off of Pinnacle during exam weeks when I lived in Schap.



    • You

      need to explore NYC more

      • honey

        I have explored new york city. I've been to a lot of the greats—totonno's, lucali, john's and even di fara's. and some of those are pretty far to travel for a good slice, even a damn good slice. so sometimes when it's freezing fucking cold like it so often is at these times, I just want some decent pizza on 115th, get it?

        don't get all snobby with me. you'll just lose.

        • Why not?

          You name a few restaurants, call the guy honey and that's...a loss? You're on an anonymous comments page; perspective, motherfucker.

          Only thing I liked from that place was their Clam Chowder. Phlegm or semen-- it was delicious.

          (Oh and the best slice in the neighborhood is now Nussbaum's. They get it from one of the best rated places in Midtown. Those crusts---Delicious.)

  9. I live in Claremont

    and this is the closest thing to pizza and hot chocolate and other late night essentials. say it isn't so, pinnacle.

  10. No wonder

    Last Halloween I saw one of the guys jacking off in their (sidewalk) storage room. Needless to say I haven't eaten there since.

  11. yea

    this place was sort of the grease bomb of morningside

  12. maybe

    we'll get some actual food to replace it. Seriously.

  13. agreed.

    there has to be some interest in a Panera/Cosi or some other convenient lunch and dinner place

  14. Anonymous

    I once walked in to order a bagel. Someone was carrying in a box of bagels, and dropped it on the floor. He then picked several bagels off the floor and put them back into the box.

    I walked out the door.

  15. Polar Bear

    What bothers me is that they left their lights on inside. Save the energy!!

  16. GreenMan

    What bothers me is that they left their lights on inside. Save the energy!!

  17. Please

    please please, can we get a Hale and Hearty soups around Columbia? The 86th St outpost is just that tiny bit too far away

  18. Please

    please please can we get a Hale and Hearty Soups near Columbia? The 86th St outpost is just that tiny bit too far away for frequent trips

  19. you know what columbia  

    should get to replace it? Another Bar. We could use more of those in the area.

  20. BC Alum

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! i loved that place

  21. but they had...  

    my favorite coffee! noooooooooooooooooooo!

  22. Pinnacle blows

    God willing, that shithole will be replaced by a Cracker Barrel

    • cracker

      Come on now, even if they were gonna have a Cracker Barrel this far north, there's nowhere near enough room for a Cracker Barrel in the Pinnacle property. Even without the country store, you need room for a full kitchen, and for restaurant seating. Now you might have room for a Five Guys, but it might even be too small for that.

  23. Anonymous

    Why is it that all the cafes near Columbia are so filthy?

  24. represent

    for cracker barrel

  25. Yep

    I wish they could get rid of this place, seriously.

  26. Anonymous


  27. ...

    not gonna lie, i've seen rodents peer out from under the stove in there...

    never stopped me from going though. i mean, come on, caring about sanitation would make living in the city real hard.

  28. I wish they put a CiCi's Pizza in that spot.

  29. The "mental hygiene" joke...

    ...is no joke. Worse than the food- which was mediocre at best- was the whole look of the place. Dirty, poorly lit, awful tables and chairs, unappetizing display cases. That place made me depressed because I ate there under only three circumstances: either it was a late night in Butler (when it was the only place open) or a too-busy day (where I was forced to go with the most convenient option) or I was drunk in bad weather and too lazy to trudge elsewhere. So yeah. Good riddance.

  30. Personally  

    I'm hoping for crackdel to move into the space.

    • crack del

      is the best. authenticity, professionalism and service. but it's real in part because it's on amsterdam. crack del wouldn't be the same if it were on broadway, where everything is either a chain or too expensive.

  31. To drop the bomb  

    Five Guys is trying to get up here. Just saying.

    Oh the possibilities!

  32. lol

    They should use part of the space to put up a BoA node.

  33. winter break blues  

    There sure is a lot of aggression in this thread....

  34. Anonymous

    I'd still prefer a chic-fil-a

  35. chainsdonotsuck

    what we really need there is a SUBWAY or another CHIPOTLES that's actually near campus

  36. it looked like  

    they were cleaning it yesterday!the floor, at least

  37. I suggest

    an Olive Garden

  38. To echo

    what others have said, I believe that it was obvious that they didn't adhere to the strictest hygienic standards. Then again, many establishments don't, and the only thing that tends to surprise me about health inspections is the low scores that so many receive in a given year. If I'm not mistaken, John Jay came within a point or so of being shut down by the department of health a few years ago, and Barnard's dining hall did even worse...

  39. Anonymous

    anyone still not receive grades in any courses????

  40. Southern Girl


  41. new englander

    definitely a dunkin donuts is needed

  42. i miss

    the ziti pizza...........
    and whoever thinks crackdel is "professional" and has "good service"......im sorry, you're just plain wrong

  43. oh  

    I walked by it today and it's open again.

  44. Anonymous

    How is it possible that it only had 17 violation points in February and 20 when inspected in '08?? I don't remember it looking cleaner back then....

    • They perform

      It does seem to be fairly arbitrary. Some restaurants go from next to nothing to an outrageous amount from one inspection to the next with little actual change. Also, some of the violations in later reports would also have been present in earlier inspections, but simply weren't noted.

  45. Those places

    that you name aren't even that good. Perhaps you should try L&B Spumoni, or Pepe's or Sallys. (New Haven). Get back to me.

  46. Those places

    aren't even that good. Perhaps you should try L&B Spumoni or Sally's/Pepe's. (New Haven) Get back to me.

  47. screw dunkin donuts

    I want a Krispy Kreme!

  48. I once

    dropped a penny in the soup vat at Pinnacle and didn't tell anyone about it.

  49. scarred and teary-eyed

    pinnacle was my go-to place for all-hour fill-me-ups.

  50. venture

    As long as we're all suggesting and ripping down chains that could possibly go here: Two Boots.

  51. Pinnacle  

    Pinnacle is back open, or at least the sign was down last night. Enjoy your murine fecal matter!

  52. M2M  

    has good burgers. And cheap, which makes it taste that much better.

  53. SCORE

    they almost doubled the score that got taqueria shut down. great job guys!

  54. Anonymous

    They painted their ceiling black to hide poor grease ventilation. Everything in the place was covered in a thin coat of dust and grease. I hope McDonalds moves in.

  55. anonymous  

    walked by pinnacle this morning, they were open for business. so much for a new business....

  56. entre

    I'm in talks with the landlord to bring a Pain Quotidien into that space... any thoughts?

  57. Owl Power  

    I hope Burger King moves in rather than Mcdonalds. Free refills would be super-duper.

  58. Anonymous  

    9.) Evidence of, or live mice in facility's food and/ or non-food areas.

    This one is true. You see mice in there all the time.

  59. Old John Jay

    The original (and the greatest) pizza in NYC is John's Pizzeria, Greenwich Village, est 1929. The original place in Little Italy is still family owned and best pizza in NYC-- not super fancy or expensive, just right for students. NYU friends love it. (The 44th St branch is just a franchise aimed at tourists they'll never see again, so service has dropped. Avoid if you're not family.) Ask them if they'd like to expand to the big time, Columbia. Tell them Cousin Butchie from San Mateo has a godson at Columbia. (No, I'm not Butchie.) If you want coffee, think Chock Full o Nuts. They had a store on 116th and Broadway. Classic NYC. Only coffee sold at Yankee Stadium. They can do neighborhood themes and even neighborhood coffees. Pitch the PR value, adding CU to their NYC list. Ciao.

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