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Barnard’s Director of Public Safety Dianna Pennetti informed the community this morning that Frightening Animals were spotted on Columbia’s campus this morning.

They weren’t hawks.  They were coyotes.  In front of Lewisohn.  Who says we’re too urban?

Full email after the jump.

Dear All,
Columbia Public Safety reports the possible presence of coyote’s on the Morningside Campus.
Three animals identified as coyotes were observed in front of Lewisohn Hall this morning, 911 was contacted and NYPD responded. NYPD spotted one of the
animals and confirmed it was a coyote. The one coyote that was seen by NYPD and CUPS went behind the CEPSR build and it is believed exited the campus.
An additional sighting by CU facilities was called in approximately 10:00 AM this morning but was not confirmed. All members of the community are advised not to approach these animals.

If there are any sightings, please call Columbia Public Safety immediately at 212-854-5555 or Barnard Public Safety at 212-854-3362.

Thank You,
Dianna M. Pennetti
Director of Public Safety

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  1. Apostrophe Police  

    "possible presence of coyote's"

  2. Where? Wolf?  

    I've always known those GS students were hairy, but my god!

  3. well...  

    coyotes are urban animals. yeah. nice try.

  4. Last seen at CESPR  

    Carrying away a box of ACME products.

  5. omgomgomg

    IT WAS JACOB! <33333

  6. Anonymous  

    clearly public safety does not believe in the active voice.

  7. yo

    that ain't no coyote - that's a harlem rat!

  8. Anonymous  

    Professor Lupin!

  9. Anonymous  

    They are coyotes, not wolves.

  10. twihard  

    for reals people, coyote does not equal werewolf

  11. Good God  

    Just when you think Columbia can't possibly throw anything else at you, they bust out the coyotes!

  12. hmmm  

    who actually got this alleged email, because I for sure did not?

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