1. schmonz

    Interesting interpretation, but most people who love Chopin probably wouldn't choose Gould's take. Most people wouldn't choose Marc-André Hamelin either, but in this repertoire he has a lot more to offer (in my opinion, of course). Here's Hamelin playing his Triple Etude, which mashes up three of Chopin's:

    Another fun take on Chopin is Doucet's "Chopinata", again here performed by Hamelin:

  2. Anonymous  

    i love chopin but i'm stuck in class all day :*(

  3. colt 45  

    ugh i wish i could go. chopin was truly magical.

    • except that

      the event seemed to be put together in a rush.

      I was peeved at first because I thought the pianists were putting way too much rubato on the pieces, but it soon became apparent that they were just under-practiced and hesitant on their notes.

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