Bwoglines: Revelations Edition

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Grant Housing Project experiences discrimination. Photo via NYT

Barnard uniforms have been catalogued. (Genuine Incongruity)

Brooklyn’s best pizza is expanding to Manhattan. (Gothamist)

Milk smuggling is growing. (Gothamist)

Columbia neighborhood identified as a case in point for NYC’s human rights violations. (NYT)

J-School finds magazine websites are poorly edited. (Huffington Post)

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  1. I think  

    wow, the Barnard uniforms blog post is accurate.. and sad.

  2. BB '69

    The Barnard article is amaaaazing!

  3. pretentious  

    Ok, sorry but Grimaldis is far from Brooklyn's best pizza.

  4. agreed

    compare difara for one.

  5. wow  

    to that barnard article!! pretty amazing, and great photos! although i'm not sure if the "too dark for you" and the "international" students are really a thing...i'd say the other categories would probably be more variations of the prep girl and waif girl.

  6. BC '11  

    The Barnard fashion article is so true! Major props

  7. Anonymous  

    Eunice Yooni Kim and Vanessa Thill are marvelous ladies. (In response to the Barnard article)

  8. Wait,  

    The article picture isn't from McBain?

  9. yup  

    must be residents of the shaft.

  10. Anonymous  


  11. Zulu '13  

    barnard fashion thing=tooo true. vanessa thill=the platonic love of my life.

  12. colt 45  

    the barnard article was great, but there was one important subset that they left out: Barnard has a pretty substantial floppy wool hat, dangly earring, beat-up tee and jeans-wearing, pseudo-hippie contingent.

  13. What about...

    ..the Barnard girl in the slim-fit jeans, heels or flats, some sort of knit top, and a long necklace?

    Otherwise, spot on. They should give it to incoming Barnard students as a guide. xD

  14. whoa!  

    this is so against bwog policy. it advertises 4 other websites!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    I just loved the Barnard fashion blog. The expressionless faces of the prep girls were priceless. Congratulations to two amazing young ladies who concocted this article.

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