Freaking Out? Free Roti?

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It is a stressful time to be a CC sophomore. This week, CC 2012 picks majors, realizes that making a Ruggles suite is difficult, and takes midterms that will determine THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Sophomores and similarly stressed CC juniors get free Roti Roll (whose origins are demystified here) and massages tonight in McBain Lounge at 10.


  1. Whoah there  

    those be some fightin' words.

    also, blatantly not true.

  2. Wow  

    I had a tiny portion of a chicken roti roll and I was sick to my stomach

  3. Rectum?  

    But I hardly know'em!

  4. bwog

    why are you deleting comments of most of the things people say about spectrum like that's weird.

  5. Anonymous

    Bwog, I don't work for Spec but it's kinda obvious that you're deleting comments linking to their site

  6. Anonymous

    lame move Bwog, how insecure of you

  7. bwog

    free speech come on stop deleting my commnts

  8. yeah

    i am not from the same IP address, but i also think it's sort of lame to delete comments saying spectrum is good when spectrum leaves up positive comments about bwog. it's not really advertising if it's a conversation, right? and don't you want comments to be a dialogue?

  9. yeah

    i am not from this very dedicated IP address, but i also think its kind of lame to delete comments about spectrum (positive, negative, whatever) when spectrum leaves up comments about bwog and bwog has never had any problem leaving comments about spec in the past. isn't it supposed to be a discussion? isn't that what you want in comments?

  10. oops

    well those two were mine, from the same IP address. but that's because i'm an idiot who doesn't know how to comment. whoops.

  11. track  

    i asked a while ago and its still not here... when's the track button coming back

  12. Anonymous  

    bwog. let my speech be robust and uninhibited!

  13. free speech  

    is important, no?

  14. Ok so...  

    I know that Spectrum is sort of cool and thus potentially threatening to Bwog's "journalistic" hegemony... but... it's enough to observe and step it up, you don't need to restrict free speech by deleting Spectrum related comments. let's be productive here, folks!

  15. c'mon  

    let's not be insecure. there is no monopoly on information and witty comments. just like spectator learned from your competition, you can learn from spectrum without animosity

  16. stop wigging out

    you leave up plenty of nasty comments or fallacious ones. are you really above leaving up comments that pitch a rival site? or that challenge bwog's primacy. spectrum looks cool. and the fact is, it has a newspaper attached to it. do real long-form journalism and then come back to argue.

  17. dude

    my comments that simply said "pinnacle" and "the fed" were just deleted. i feel so violated.

  18. let's sing  

    kumbayaaaa, buh-woggggg, kumbayaaaaaa,
    kumbayaaaaa, buh-woggggggg, kumbayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  19. Wait...  

    So this doesn't count as, say, a comment that "does not add to the discussion in any way, such as a comment which was, in its entirety, 'spectrum'"?

    Oh wait, I know why. Because this one is being negative about Spectrum! In that case, it's totally okay that it's not adding to the discussion. Inconsistency much?

  20. Alum

    Used to be when bwog deleted comments they left the comment up and replaced it with a message saying that the comment was deleted. Bringing that feature back would help bwogs credibility.

  21. wait...  

    where is spectrum? is it a separate website? link pleaaase.

  22. '  

    So, no spam in comments, yet you have a sketchy "Paying the Bills" section.

  23. Clarify  

    So, no spam in comments, yes to a sketchy "Paying the Bills" section that looks like link spam. Got it.

    • Eliza  (Bwog Staff)  

      Well, we do have a section called paying the bills that allows Bwog to exist on the Internet. We do not, however, get paid from your comments. Feel free to donate, however!

  24. I Heart Bwog  

    In full support of Bwog staff here. Love you kids! :)

  25. Hey Spectator  

    Stop picking fights with Bwog. It's petty and makes me much less inclined to read your content. I'm serious.

  26. Wow  

    Deletion is screwing around with the comment order.

  27. Dear Bwog  

    I love you! No one will ever replace you. Thank you for being you, you beautiful white and blue blog you!

  28. irony?  

    If Bwog hadn't started filtering comments (and thus starting this War on Blogs), I probably wouldn't have heard of Spectrum for awhile.

  29. ZOMG  

    I check back to see if anyone commented on my being sick to my stomach after eating Roti Roll, and instead I encounter 57 comments about the fucking Spectrum.

    I was sick, fellow students! Sick to my stomach, I tell you!

  30. SPECTRUM  

    so they are removing comments? GO SPECTRUM

  31. Get  

    a life, Spec fools. Because of this ranting, this thread has 60 comments. Last time I checked, the average Spectrum post has 5. Without Ben Cotton writing half the posts, you would have 0. Fail much?

  32. SPECTRUM  


  33. Really...

    if one were to assert (without linking), that the Spectrum is a blog that is better than Bwog in some respects, I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem. I'm personally opposed to the Spec redesign because I think it's a mistake to make Spectrum the home page instead of the online version of the Spec, but I think Spectrum will take off and be better than Bwog in some respects. For one thing, the commenters are quite as cynical. Of course that may because there are very few comments.

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