Dean’s Playlist: Denburg Sings a Song

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Nothing connects people like music, so we continue to humanize the administrators of our great University with the latest addition to our rave-reviewed series of celebrity playlists. This week, we feature Dorothy Denburg, Dean of Barnard College and the person who makes decisions about meal plans and such. Bwog can’t personally remember the last time Sesame Street came up on its iTunes, but thanks to Dean Denburg, “Sing a Song” is about to get put into heavy rotation (for at least like a week). Enjoy:

“La Vie en Rose” and “Milord” – Edith Piaf

“Bridge over Troubled Water” and “Cecilia” – Simon and Garfunkel

“Tom’s Diner” – Suzanne Vega

“New Soul” – Yael Naim

“Let It Be” – The Beatles

“Joy to the World” – ¬†Three Dog Night

“I Dig Rock n’ Roll Music” – Peter, Paul, and Mary/The Mamas and Papas

The score of “Wicked”

The entire score of “Finian’s Rainbow”

“Sing A Song” from Sesame Street

“Mambo Number 5” – Lou Bega

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  1. mambo number fiiiiiive  

    yessssssss. awesome.

  2. anonymous  


  3. this  

    is actually the best feature idea ever.

  4. Anonymous  

    Finian's Rainbow: NICE

  5. shes so awesome  

    sing a song is amazing.

    i remember the night of convocation she put on a wizard's hat and told us welcome to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardly.

    good times

  6. i  

    deany. best woman ever.

  7. Anonymous  

    AWESOME playlist from an awesome dean.

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