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OK! You got us.

As you may (or more likely, may not) have realized, our April Fool’s Day joke was to turn Bwog into Bwog for Mt. Holyoke, the all-women’s college. You may have noticed the Mt. Holyoke tower behind the Bwog nameplate, and the women’s sign on Home tab. We’ve been reporting on the day to day happenings of their campus. We posted about their speakers, their lunch menus, and their crime problems, all very real (as the links will show) and happening now in the town of South Hadley, MA. But alas, readers…you didn’t get the trick! Nostra culpa.

So it’s back to Columbia bwogging as usual! Now that we’re all back in Morningside Heights, in the spirit of bad April Fool’s Day jokes we’ve collected signs of foolin’ around campus. If you have any better jokes, overheards, or April Fool’s tips, please post ’em in the comments.

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  1. LAME  

    Why would you take it down already? I never got to see it . . . is there a link to the older version?

  2. fail  


  3. Anonymous  

    Maybe this is the joke.
    Considering the idea of turning Bwog into Mount Holyoke's Blog funny, is way funnier than actually doing it.
    If that was the point, then kudos.

  4. Anonymous  

    April fools jokes on the internet are not known for their subtlety. Next time, go all out, new colors and shit.

  5. april fools... well played.

    The Spectator has an article out about turning Low Library into a giant Starbucks, which is funny mostly because that would be the single most awesome thing to happen while I was at Columbia. If only.

  6. yeah  

    that was stupid. seriously, bwog. you're smart people. at the very least, you should have made it about Cornell...

  7. classicist  

    You mean \nostra culpa\.

  8. Never...

    I never even noticed Low Library behind the template anyways.

  9. secret admirer  

    Alex Chang is the most beautiful of God's creations

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