The Senior Bucket List

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Time is running out! While Senior Wisdom is imminent, we thought we’d also give out some advice as well as receive it. Bwog presents hyperlinks and highly recommends getting these under your belt before you leave. Who ever heard of a War on Fun?

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  1. So true...  

    A lot of students don't take advantage of Riverside Park. In my opinion, that truly is the best place to watch a New York sunset.

  2. SIPA  

    Too bad they put a keypad on the roof of Sipa door...

  3. grr  

    I've done all of this except for graduating and getting CAVAed. Favorite: hooking up with a TA. (actually 2)

    • whaaaat??

      I'm so jealous! I've only done 6 of these and I only have a year left! Better get crackin'. My recaptcha is "pursue some", so please excuse me while I go "pursue some" TA ass.

  4. Anonymous  

    Done almost all of them, but I can handle liquor and have a gf that beats any TA I have had so far.

  5. Question  

    Spec publishes an awesome bucket list like this at the start of every year (sorry, Bwog) but it's much longer. Can anyone supply the link to said list? Thanks!

  6. ex-Bwogger

    Whither the "time the subtle thief of youth" tag?

  7. Stacked  

    Dammit, if I don't have but sex before I graduate I'ma be reeeal mad.

  8. haha  

    at first I thought it was absurd to have "Go downtown" as an item on the bucket list.. but it's so true for some people

  9. Number one,  

    CAVA's ambulance is broken so they are off duty.

    Add to the list: go to Hustler. CHECK

  10. Anonymous  

    Where is go to Campo, wildly dance with girls, bring one back to your suite and bang her on the couch in you common room?

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