1. WCC  

    It's homemade!
    A bowl of guac with a handful of chips for $1.

    Also being sold:
    For $8, $25 coupons for Taquería y Fonda

    Seis de Mayo!

  2. Anonymous  

    I call shenanigans! Where on college walk?

  3. Anonymous  

    some silly Californians forgot that EST is +3, not +2--expect the guac by 3:00.

  4. WCC

    Sorry guys about our miscommunication!! Totally our fault ... here's the truth as we live and breathe:

    we're here now. with $1 guac + chips, $8 coupons for $25 taquería gift certificates -- find us - we're the ones playing the music

    we'll be here til the guac runs out

    (bring cash!!)

    west coast love

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