Breaking: Dean “Double D” Denburg Steps Down As Dean, Assumes New Role

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Dean Denburg, we barely knew ye! “DD” has been Dean of Barnard for seventeen years, but became a part of the Columbia psyche (because she got a nickname) with a sort of tiresome sub-plot in V116. As of July 1st, Dean Denburg will become Vice President of Barnard College Relations to focus on the relationship between students and alum. Denburg is herself a BC alum; she graduated in 1970. Double D will continue to serve as Dean until a new one is appointed, and will continue to teach her first-year seminar. Read the whole email below, in which Denburg assures us that she isn’t leaving, but merely “changing hats.” Phew!

Dear Students,

I want to share with you some important news.  After serving for seventeen years as Dean of the College, President Spar has asked me to assume a new role that will allow me to focus more fully on the connection between Barnard students and alumnae.  I am excited to be taking on the position of Vice President for College Relations, effective July 1.  As VP for College Relations, I will oversee Alumnae Affairs and Career Development, work closely with all of our Pre-College Programs, and help with follow-through on our global initiatives.

Being your Dean has been a privilege, something I will always cherish.  You are remarkable young women and I am immensely proud of who you are and what you do.  The relationships that I have had with several decades of Barnard students are very dear to me.  So please note, I am not going anywhere, I am simply changing hats.  I will continue to work on programs and planning, now with the goal of linking our alumnae to our students, and our students to our alumnae.  Of course, I will serve as Dean until a new dean is appointed, and will advise students and teach a first-year seminar in my new role.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall semester and engaging with each and every one of you in my new position as VP of College Relations.  You’ll know where to find me, I promise. And, of course, I will always know where to find you.

Have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you in September.

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  1. Zomg:  

    Wait, soooo...who's the new Dean of Barnard?

  2. dean denburg  

    will always be my dean

  3. Wait

    Shouldn't it be Triple D, for Dean Dorothy Denburg?

  4. Anonymous

    So what happened to the former VP?

  5. eesh

    isn't that kind of awkward? she mentions spar asked her to switch...AAWK

  6. You know the V-show was good

    When the villain steps down in real life, and they still implement her programs.

  7. ...

    Did anyone else find the line "of course, I will always know where to find you" absolutely frightening?

  8. UHM...

    No one cares? it's barnarddd?

  9. Anonymous

    Villain? That's harsh - she's no villain and the V-show is irrelevant.

  10. Anonymous

    Dean Denburg is a true Dean -- concerned, dedicated, and compassionate. Whatever she does will be successful.

  11. Anon

    So let me get this straight.... President Spar asked Dean Denburg to step down and created a new job for her, a position that Barnard had survived hundreds of years without? Sounds like a demotion to me.

  12. ...  

    the economy sucks. they want a familiar face with a proven track record harassing alumni to try and give new graduates heading into a crappy economy a leg up. it's a good thing, they're thinking.

  13. anon

    is anything to go by, Barnard is probably better off without DD as dean

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