Dean Denburg Is Not Your “Friend”

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Photo via Dean Denburg's Facebook page (the part that's visible to the public)

We know that Double-D always calls the shots when it comes to friendships and girly bonding. This was confirmed yesterday when Dean Denburg rebuffed the friend request of Bwogger and current Barnard student Hannah Goldstein:

Hi Hannah –
I would be happy to accept your friend invitation but I never “friend” students, just alumnae or friends of my daughter’s. As [sic] me again after you graduate :-)

Bwog doesn’t know which is more wounding: Dean Denburg’s clear preference for alums over current students or her revelation that her daughter, a sophomore at Penn, does not consider us friends.

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  1. ...  


    dean dororthy denburg doesn't ask and doesn't tell about debauchery

  2. oh please

    this is the worst bwog post ever and hannah goldstein is an idiot for friending her in the first place. no matter how many times you rate this a "thumbs down," i will always think that

  3. Alum

    It's generally a bad idea for administrators (and even faculty) to friend current students. Doing so create at least the appearance of bias when an important decision goes in a \friend\'s favor.

    Another solution is to indiscriminately accept all friend requests from students, but that would be impractical.

    • Current student

      It's just plain strange to be friends with admins in the first place. My adviser friend requested me on FB, which was odd enough. But even stranger is that he updates his Facebook more than I do.

      I don't know if this is a good or bad sign of my social life. Siiigh...

      captcha: "on studying" heh.

  4. Alum

    That's odd; I typed quotation marks but they were converted into back slashes.

  5. everyone abandons Barnard  

    and even your precious valedictorian 2010 prefers to claim Columbia on her facebook without any mention of Barnard.

    • ...but  

      barnard doesn't have a valedictorian.

      • no valedictorian  

        but what about your SGA President? ...whose fb page boasts columbia but doesn't say a thing about barnard

        • there isn't  

          a barnard network for barnard students to join. i just looked at her page, it doesn't "boast" columbia, it says she's in the columbia network. what do you want her to do, right I LOVE BARNARD all over her page?

          • Anonymous

            i think wat he meant was that she only has columbia listed in her education without any mention of barnard, not the network. can't blame her...

          • Um

            If you knew anything about Katie P it would be that she is in love with Barnard. She's involved in every Barnard pride organization we have. And she is an incredible person and representative of the school. What a way to judge a person, though, based on their facebook page. Good investigation!

          • Anonymous

            additionally, on the new facebook layout, barnard college isn't even an option to add to your education information. i just tried. which is mildly offensive in its own right but whatever

          • wow

            this is a lie. i have plenty of barnard friends who have barnard college currently written in their education IN THE NEW LAYOUT. coincidentally, said friends also have columbia written. again can't blame them. atleast they acknowledge they went to barnard.

          • FAILLLLL

            "a barnard network for barnard students to join. i just looked at her page, it doesn’t “boast” columbia, it says she’s in the columbia network. what do you want her to do, right I LOVE BARNARD all over her page?"

            At least you chose the right school where I guess they didn't even teach you how to write the word properly

  6. rest

    Why not take a summer vacation from the Barnard bashing. You'll want to be ready to show how small you are when classes resume in the fall.

  7. barnard  

    needs to become their own independent school. period. not claim to be a part of columbia whenever it benefits them and vice versa. we are being used, COlumbia.

  8. Anonymous

    Such a stupid post.

    Although I read that there's no Barnard network, why don't any Barnard people just type in Barnard. My fb friends list their obscure/trade/vocational school -not the name of the nearest university. Take note Barnard

    • Anonymous

      ever think about why you care so much about this that you are compelled to provide directives for fb etiquette?

    • A couple of good reasons

      I have a couple of good reasons for why it shouldn't really matter whether they do or don't.

      First, Barnard students do study at Columbia University (notice, study means take classes at and/or engage in studying), so it's definitely a true statement.

      Second, they're part of the Columbia community.

      Third, they get degrees signed by both their president and our's.

      The most important reason: because it doesn't matter what they write on their facebook page. Any CC/SEAS/GS friend that reads it already knows what school they go to and employers have much better sources: an employer can call the school and if some girl is stupid enough to not mention 'Barnard' on her resume, then she's not getting past a background check. If she wants to add Columbia to her facebook page, resume, dorm wall, give that name to her firstborn child... then she can.

      Maybe I just have this POV because I'm an architecture major... but these girls put the same blood and sweat into their studio work as I did, what gives me the right to tell them, who might take more Columbia classes than I do, that they're the impostors?

      • umm  

        Barnard students did not get into Columbia. They were accepted to Barnard. It' a completely different application process, and therefore a different story. Not trying to bash the lovely Barnard ladies, I have many close friend who are part of the Barnard community, but the fact that some Barnard students will say they attend Columbia in conversation is wrong.

        • ???

          it always comes back to "different application process," which, while true, doesn't explain why students in all the undergrad schools get the same grades (more or less).

          one could argue that there's grade inflation or grade curves, but if that's the case, then one should look at the administration--professors who seem to be passing failing students.

          • Anonymous

            Students go to Columbia College.
            Students go to Barnard College.
            Many students attend classes at both.

            Both groups end up with a degree that says COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY along the top.

            Why is that so difficult for (some) Columbia College students to understand this simple reality? Especially when they believe in their superior intelligence.

        • Anonymous

          gotta love the conversation police.

        • Anonymous

          conversation police in response to:

          "I have many close friend who are part of the Barnard community, but the fact that some Barnard students will say they attend Columbia in conversation is wrong."

        • what about transfers?

          these are students who didn't undergo the same admissions process that you did, even though they're now taking the same classes that you are. should we make them list 'columbia - TRANSFER STUDENT' on their resumes so employers know they're hopelessly inferior to columbia college students?

          • Anonymous

            this is a stupid argument. transfer admissions to cc/seas are statistically much more competitive than the regular admissions. they deserve the right to say columbia more than any of us. barnard students are free to list whatever they want but if they don't make it clear that they went to BARNARD college (of columbia university if they must) in conversation, then they are just being tools and wannabes.

          • pinch yourself

            give your head a shake.
            Do what it takes to get you head out of your #@@.

        • word  

          true story: i have a cousin who i thought really highly of because she said she went to columbia. then when i got into columbia, i found out she went to barnard and my respect level just nosedived from there.

  9. Only at Barnard

    would an administrator sign an email with a smiley face.

  10. l o l

    it's just facebook you guys. no need to get your panties in a twist.

  11. Anonymous

    This argument is so old I can see my hair changing color. Please cut it out. Barnard students are here to stay. Everyone needs to chill. Barnard students deserve to be here as much as anyone else. And the fact that someone is insecure enough to want to exclude them says more about the poster than the subject of said post. I really like BWOG's posts, but the comments just get ridiculous and become the same argument over the merits of Barnard and its students EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Cut the crap, guys. You wouldn't be upset if you didn't feel threatened by Barnard's students. You are only letting them ruin your experience because you think they are--in actual practice, they only add to it. Why are you so threatened by wording on a diploma? There is an equal exchange of class-taking between Barnard and Columbia students at both campuses. They deserve to say they go to Barnard AND Columbia.

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